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Best Self-Published Paranormal Romance Books and Authors

Updated on December 16, 2013

Great Reads Undiscovered by Big Publishing Houses

Here find some titles that both surprised and delighted me, as an avid reader of romances of all kind. You know how Kindle Amazon often has free books on temporary promotions? That's how I discovered many of these titles. I had no idea the treasures that lay between the pages of these fantastic books.

In the tradition of Twilight, young adult paranormal romances feature romances between young people, one of whom at least, has some supernatural power or powers. These style of stories have lots of adventure, lots of teenage angst, usually some kissing, and exciting plot twists.

Because I had the good fortune to stumble upon these books, I wanted to share them with a wider audience. At least two of the series blew me away with their professional, well-crafted plots, well-developed characters, appropriate pacing, and good-old-fashioned 'couldn't put it down' quality.

Why Self Publish?

Why Didn't They Go the Traditional Route?

Authors who self-publish their books may have different reasons for doing so. In some cases, they grew impatient with the unwieldy process of submitting query letters, partials, or manuscripts, only to get form rejection letters weeks or months later.

Others, like myself, are impatient and dissatisfied with traditional publishing methods.

Some have tried the traditional route, only to get burned by agents or publishing houses after lengthy waits when other opportunities could have been taken.

Self-publishing entails harder work on all fronts. The author will have to create or purchase a cover themselves, edit or pay an editor, learn how to format for ebooks, and of course, do all of the marketing themselves as well.

Some independent authors may have business marketing backgrounds which is an excellent match for a self-publisher. Others may just have to learn the ropes by the relentless work of experience. Either way, these authors are a confident, stubborn bunch who know exactly what they want and are willing to go to great lengths to get there.

To Self-Publish or Not To Self-Publish - Are You a Traditionalist or a Maverick?

Would you try to publish with a house or self-publish?

See results

Captured by Erica Stephens

Book Review

Captured features the unexpected introduction of a wounded vampire and a rebel sworn to kill all vampires she meets.

This book is a little wobbly on its feet, possibly a first attempt at a novel. The editing was recently updated, but there are still a few mistakes. That being said, the story is so appealing, so unexpected, and at times so tender, that the reader continues on, heedless of a misused word or two and the several typos.

Braith and Aria are the unlikely couple, he with a hidden wound, and she with a heart full of love. Each has something the other needs, but they are surrounded by the oppressive vampire government, and the cultural traditions of the rebel clan that lives in the woods.

They tiptoe around a potential relationship with each other, but it seems doomed from the beginning.

What makes this story so special, is the budding emotion that each character feels blooming within them. Because of life circumstances, neither one wants to feel the impending affection. As a reader, it is entertaining to see the characters battle their inner conflicts as they grow closer to that dangerous link.

Buy the Books Here - Featured Self-Published Novels in the Paranormal Genre

Support independent publishing by purchasing these gems of young adult paranormal romances! Each series has an engaging couple, dangerous adventure, and nailbiting action. In my opinion, these series all present the best that the independent publishing market has to offer in this genre.

Word and Breath Series

Series Review

Riana keeps a low profile in her town, working as a low-level reader in a government building. She takes care of her disabled sister, makes few friends, and minds all of her Ps and Qs. Most everyone else in society enjoys recreational sex, shopping and looking at pictures, because no one else could tell the difference between a P and Q. Reading is dangerous!

Books One and Two in the Word and Breath series are flawlessly executed adventures in a dystopian society set in the not too distant future. With troubling exactness, Ms. Noel recreates a world in which reading is non-essential for the masses and has the potential to create havoc for those who have that skill.

The story is paced well, with the reader's interest piqued within the first five paragraphs, and page-turning is the only way to satisfy the reader's curiosity of what will happen next.

The plot is so intriguing and unique, and the storyline so logical and well-thought out, that it's hard to believe this series was self-published. It reads like a publishing house went through it with a fine-tooth comb; impeccable.

The relationship between Riana and the Soul-Breather is excruciatingly developed; the reader absolutely wants to know if they are right for each other or not? Extremely well done character development and dialogue. Strongly recommended.

The Word and Breath Series - Oh yeah, a love story that takes your breath away.

You won't be able to get enough of Riana and her unexpected love interest. People who love to read, will absolutely LOVE this series about a world where Reading is at once feared and revered!

Misty is Pretty in Pink
Misty is Pretty in Pink

Featured: Misty Provencher, Self-Published Author of Paranormal Romance

An Interview with the author of the Cornerstone Series!

1. Why did you decide to self-publish? (I know you answered this at the Eyes on Misty event, but I thought if I could get it in writing, it would be better than my scatterbrained memory.)

THIS CAME FROM MY BLOG and is more thorough: I am a writer who tried the traditional route. I researched agents like a hound and polished my work and queried. I got offers. I was lucky enough to do some unagented revisions with the agent I wanted most, but was not lucky enough to be offered her representation. ~bummer~ Then, I got some more offers and landed a fabulous agent that I was sure would be the agent I never knew I wanted most...but after she reviewed my synopses of the CORNERSTONE series, she turned me loose. She said she liked less complex plots. So, um, okay. I tried to stay positive, but daaaaaang...

All the ups and downs and waiting and weird turn-downs wore me out. I was tired of the publishing-go-round, guys. Exhausted. So, I decided to jump off and do something that would bring my joy of writing back. I decided to find my readership -you- by releasing my book, a couple chapters at a time, on my blog for free. You can read more about that decision here.

This was the most fun EVAR - releasing chapters and getting feedback from total strangers that were enjoying it and wanting to read more. Although my family and friends thought I was nuts to release my work without making anything on it, I was having the time of my life. I made so many new friends. It was great fun until dozens of concerned writer and reader friends began emailing me. They were worried for me. They sited horror stories of piracy that made my toes numb. I wanted to share my book, but I didn't want to give it to someone else to publish and call their own. Yikes no.

So, I rushed onto the overwhelming yellow brick road of epubbing. I jumped in backwards, bumped my face and floundered like mad. And both writers and readers came to my rescue...again. They encouraged, they helped, they supported and, at times, I think they lifted me up on their shoulders and carried me through one of the wicked-rough patches of my life. I can't thank everyone enough for being here for me.

At this writing, I have finally gotten CORNERSTONE out in the world. It's selling for the whopping price tag of $2.99 because, like I said, I just wanted you guys to be able to read it. (But my mom insisted it shouldn't be free, so you can blame that on her.) It is everywhere I can think to publish as an ebook and it's also available in paperback right here.

I didn't expect to be a self-pubbed writer, yet here I am...and I gotta say, I find myself enjoying it. I was scared of going this route, as the work involved seemed beyond overwhelming, but I'm glad I kind of jumped in and did it. I have more control over my work than if I'd gone traditional. I got to choose my title and it was up to me to decide what I wanted my book cover to look like. Every brick I put on my wall is one I heaved there myself (and with the help of about a zillion encouragers and techie friends and generous people who have been down this road themselves and tell me stuff I need to know).

Eleanor Roosevelt knew what she was talking about when she said, With great freedom comes great responsibility. Oh, and that African proverb about needing a village to raise a child? Well, I can tell you, it takes a pig-pile of folks to make a book happen. Yup, those two quotes sum up self-pubbing all the way.

So here we are on this crazy-sauce ride and I haven't a clue what will happen next. I can't tell you if I'll lose my lunch on a turn, if I'll be lucky enough to get a view from the top or if the ride will come to a halt and I'll hop right back in line for another ride. I have no idea. But you're welcome to have the seat next to me and see where it takes us next.

2. What were the obstacles you faced because of self-publishing?

Hahaha- I didn't know what the hell I was doing! Not one thing! I had no idea how to format or get a cover or how to even publish the thing on Amazon. Zip, zero, nada. I had to learn it all, piece by piece - that's what they mean when they talk about learning the trade. Some of it people tell you, some you learn by landing on your face enough times, some you just do the best you can until you figure it out.

The only other obstacles I can think of is the stigma. Some folks are seriously snooty if they have an agent or a publishing house. I counter that by being snooty because I don't. HA!

3. What were the benefits of self-publishing?

I have got a much more solid understanding of how the business works now. I know what goes into writing the book, making the cover, formatting it, getting the word out, figuring the costs. I love that I've learned all the aspects of the business and that I have creative say in the product I put out. What I put out is 100% my vision and there is something very satisfying (and sometimes terrifying) in creating a project from start to finish.

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Hug a reader. Hug an author. Don't download books for free off piracy sites. If you do, I hope you get a virus that will make your mother ashamed of you.

The Cornerstone Series

Series Review

High school is hard enough as it is, but tack on the added stress of having an eccentric mother and being the outcast of the school, and it's all Nalena can do to handle her weekly chore of buying reams of copy paper. Labelled the Waste by her peers, Nalena tries to stay as unobtrusive as possible. When handsome boy toy Garrett starts showing up at the library right by her spot, she fears the worst...that she's about to become the butt of a very cruel joke. If she only knew that her life was about to get much much worse with regard to safety, but much much better with regard to relationships.

This four book series contains all of the necessary components of a great young adult paranormal romance: teenage angst, a heroine who doesn't know her own strength, a swoon-worthy love interest, mystical abilities and underground societies, and the threat of the end of the world. But this series is so much more than that!

Misty Provencher weaves a tale so intricate as to suggest years and years of study. Her world-building is perfectly rendered, creating a believable and enviable society of specially-abled humans whose job is to take care of earth. The supporting cast is varied and entertaining, each character finely honed so that the reader feels she is getting to know them personally, and could easily recognize them if they came walking up the street.

Along with fine character development, Ms. Provencher crafted a relationship to beat all others. Nalena's love interest, Garrett, never waivers in his love and concern for her. Any girl would love to have his devotion and loyalty.

Probably the most stunning aspect of the Cornerstone series is the spiritual component. Ms. Provencher reveals profound truths about humanity, family, the inter-connectedness of life, love and faith. Even as the reader is propelled into a world of danger and excitement, she will feel empowered by the uplifting messages with the books' pages.

I highly recommend this series as possibly the best independently published series currently available.

The Cornerstone Series - by Independent Author, Misty Provencher

Profound. Poetic. Heart-rending. Real. Heart-pounding. Poignant. Provoking.

This series will have you crying, laughing and gasping. So worth your time and money.

Here Are the Three Best Independent Authors - Their Books Will Give You the Ride of Your Life

In some cases, the first book in each series was offered free by the authors. One book was all it took to catch this reader, hook, line and sinker.

I'm curious to see if any of you will enjoy the first book enough to want to purchase the rest of the books in the series!

A Video About Self-Publishing Your Own Book - Do You Have a Few Minutes?

This 43 minute video walks you through the process of uploading your book to Create Space.

Just a down-to-earth guy walking through his first-time uploading a book to Create Space.

Check Out This Paranormal Romance for Teens - If you're looking for a clean but fun and entertaining read, here it is.

After a long year of writing and editing, I was able to complete Book 1 of the Rise of the Battle Bred Trilogy! Read the book then come back and add your comments to my lens! Thanks for reading.

The Warlochs' Pact (Rise of the Battle Bred Book 1)
The Warlochs' Pact (Rise of the Battle Bred Book 1)

3.99 for the eBook, 11.35 for the paperback edition.


Tell Me Your Favorite Self-Published Paranormal Titles - I simply don't have time to find them all!

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      5 years ago

      @angel4autism: Thanks for the heads up! I like your username...check out my lenses about Autism!

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      5 years ago

      I love Cornerstone. Another favorite is Dark Waltz by A.M Hargrove!


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