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12 only best friend quotes to improve your relationships

Updated on April 10, 2013


Today I want to give you a few best friend quotes. If you have been reading my hubs you must have noticed how much I like various quotations and sayings. This hub will continue my series on the friendship and possibly give more insights as to what real fellowship is. Some of the sayings will be by known authors, yet others by anonymous writers. As always I will write my short comments and thoughts below each quote. I also expect to expand the hub as the time goes by adding more and more sayings on comradeship. I hope you will have a good time reading the article. Here we go!

Fearful friend

A fearful friend is worse than an enemy, because you guard yourself against an enemy and you trust your friend” (L. Tolstoy).

We should base our lives on what we desire and believe, but not on what we fear. You expect some positive energy from your buddy and if he is always not sure, afraid and lingering where can you go and what you can achieve with this type of personality? You and your pals have to be decision makers, not those who go with the main stream wherever opinions of others are taking them.

Understanding your friend

Being a friend is being able to see the tear in the eyes, which has not appeared yet, and the wound hidden in the heart” author unknown.

That is the beauty of friendship! We get to know each other to the point where we can intuitively know what our buddy feels or even what he//she might be thinking at a particular moment of time. This comes with time when we learn what our friend likes, what kind of person he is and what hurts him most. Nobody can have these kinds of powers except the one who is close to you. However, these powers are attained if we really love somebody, are interested in him/her and want to help when help is necessary.

Best friends quotes video

Friends and calendars

I value a friend who finds time for me in his calendar, but I love and cherish a friend who does not try to regulate time in my calendar“ author unknown.

What a nice way of putting it! We all know that ‘time is money’ and nobody of us wants to waste our time. Nobody of us wants others to waste our time too. A true friend values us and our time as well as our free choice to spend our time as we want and he/she will not try to abuse it any cost.

Friends and empathy

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes which are not funny, and sympathizes with you for the problems which are small” author unknown.

We often do not see problems of others even if they are very big. It happens because we are very much self centered. However, when much smaller problems appear in our friends’ lives we do react. Why? Because, they are the best people for us in the world and we do not want anything bad to happen to them. A true buddy should always have empathy!

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Friends with benefits

Friends who seek only benefits separate as soon as the benefits are gone, because they were not friends with each other, but only with the benefits” author unknown.

Benefit type of connection will not stand the test of time as benefits do not last forever. When they are gone, friends are gone. We need something more stable to base our relationship on. It can be similar interests, beliefs, ideas, temperaments and many more. Nobody can assure you that those will hold the test of time too. However, they form a much more solid ground for a friendly relationship.

Being open with friends

True friends do not lie ... they speak out their minds, no matter how painful and humiliating the truth might be“ author unknown.

All of us want sincerity and honesty in relationships. That is not easy to achieve as being open to others, even your friends makes you vulnerable emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. If you are betrayed you may feel insecure to open up to others next time. It will take time to recover, but real friendship takes sincerity and being yourself.

Friends and mistakes

Friend is the only person who can point out your mistakes and has enough sense not to do so” unknown author.

I would not say that a buddy would never do that, but he would know how to do it properly. Nagging and constantly reminding mistakes is a sure way to ruining any kind of relationship. We have to learn to forget each other’s mistakes. Everybody makes them. So, why make our friends so much special in a negative way and always remind them of their past failures?

Friends and understanding

"True friendship is sitting together in silence and feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had" author unkown.

Again, it does not happen all the time, but the longer you are in a relationship the more you will experience that. That is precisely what gives true friendship one of the biggest pleasures in the world. This feeling of togetherness is overwhelming and you cannot buy for any money in the world.

Friendship and trust

"Friendship is not friendship without trust, without it I walk alone" James P. Michels Jr.

I talked a lot about the topic in my hubs, but you would not want to underestimate the importance of trust in fellowship. If this key element is absent I think we may state the fact that the particular relationship is already finished or is about to finish for the moment trust disappears from friendship relationship dies.

A friend in need is a friend in deed

If you do not do anything for a friend, then all of your prayers in vain” ancient Chinese proverb.

This proverb can be closely connected to the principle “a friend in need is a friend in deed”. There is time when ‘moral help’ is not enough. You might need to help your friend financially and also sacrificing your time to aid him/her to do something. This will show how much you value your fellowship and how true you are to the person.

Friends accept us such as we are

Experience teaches to celebrate those special few people who can accept you as you are” by Gail Godwin.

From my own experience I can say that accepting people as they are (especially those who are close to you) is the biggest challenge of all. Somehow we tend to force our opinions on others and try to change them according to our image and likeness (mentality, habits, behavior and etc.) If you find a person who is able to accept you as you are, be sure that person is worth millions of dollars. If you find such a person as your second half you are the happiest person in the world.

Friendship as value to survival

Friendship is not a necessity - as well as philosophy or art. Friendship has no lasting value. Rather, it is one of those things that give value to survival” by C.S. Lewis.

Statistics show that people who socialize live much longer. Relationships make our lives meaningful. We feel we are important to somebody and other people are important to us. We maybe inspired to achieve great things just because those around us trust us and encourage us to go on.


So, let us value friendships that we have and be true friends to others. I hope the quotes were inspiring and encouraging. Hope to expand these best friend quotes soon.


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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Great Hub. Great Quotes. Great read. Thanks

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 5 years ago

      I am happy you liked it Ruby H Rose. Have a nice day.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Tolstoy's quote is a new one for me, but so true. If you can't trust a good friend than you need to reconsider the relationship. Also, silence between friends is a valued maturity in a relationship. Enjoyed the topic and the pointers.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for reading the hub and commenting teaches 12345. I am very happy that you liked the article.

    • profile image

      Vertigo 4 years ago

      Another cool article. The topic of friendship is very important to me. I was inspired. Good luck and keep on writing.

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