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Best Contemporary Romance Novels That Everybody Should Read

Updated on February 21, 2019
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Alexa is a 20 year old Philosophy student at the Cental University of Venezuela, she enjoys anything with pages along music and films!

Nowadays is really difficult to find a good contemporary novel without stepping into an innumerable of very dramatic writing or a crazy sci-fi adventure; sometimes all you want to do is sit back on a Sunday and have a nice, relaxing reading of a couple of morons falling in love.

Here, as a rom-com expert myself, bring you a list of a couple of these novels that will have you laughing and crying in the span of an afternoon.

Sally Thorne - The Hating Game (2017)

What can I say? Ever since this novel dropped back in 2017 romance novels took a turn for me. The intelligent way that Sally uses the complexity of human relations and how insecurities can make people as normal as you and me, miss opportunities due to fear of rejection. This novel is an amazing story about a tiny blue-eyed girl that loves books and her job, but despises her coworker that for an apparent reason hates her with all his heart... soon she´ll find the meaning behind all those harsh feeling towards her.

R. S. Grey - Anything You Can Do (2017)

Another amazing story brought by this amazing author that will make you laugh and clench your heart after a week of reading this book. It follows Daisy, that after going away 11 years away from her little town, founds herself back home now to work as a doctor, without knowing that her arch-nemesis since birth, Lucas, is also in town to work as her partner in the town practice. This story is full of drama, heartache and funny situation by the main characters of this masterpiece.

The Wall Of Winnipeg And Me - Mariana Zapata (2015)

This woman is being crowned the Queen of slow burn romance, all her novels are completely amazing! This one, however, takes the medal. Vanessa will take us down the road to discover the up and downs of falling in love with a man that is literally, and figuratively, a wall. An incredible way to portray the difficulties of turning two emotionally unable people into a love mush!

A Girl Like You - Gemma Burgess (2011)

Being in a single relationship all your life, then being dumped and to find yourself in an immense ocean of very strange and boring fish, lucky for Abigail, her new-found roommate have some tips to enjoy the single life as much as possible, the question is... is there a limit to be free? What an amazing story of self-discovery on every aspect possible and romance along the way.

Beyond Repair - Susie Tate (2015)

This Welsh rom-com will make you laugh until the very end, the tale of two people that love each other in secret while trying to overcome their own existential crisis to finally be together, fighting through their past and their present. A different taste in comedy that gives a nice feeling of exploring new literature, a light comforting read.

This Love Story Will Self-destruct - Leslie Cohen (2018)

A crazy but very normal story of how our indecisions may be blurring our vision on the things that are right there in front of us, on how love may never be perfect but is fulfilling, Eve needs to have a very wild ride to finally understand that, in the end, after fighting herself to look deeper than necessary, it was always plain-old Ben.

The DUFF - Kody Keplinger (2010)

Bianca is easy to identify yourself to... if you were a pessimistic, terribly-dressed teenager. The journey of this insecure girl in high school and the pains of growing up with frustrated parents and two very attractive best friends alongside to make her truly feel like a dirtbag... until she finds out by somebody that everybody, once in a while, feels like the DUFF, and by the most unpredictable person she expects.

Also, I encourage you to follow the other publications of these authors, their contribution to the contemporary romance genre is outstanding and challenges new writers to enlighten feelings and emotions through the pages, as every author should with their work.

If you have any recommendation or review on new books or the ones named on this article, please feel free to put in below in the comment section!

What Rom-Com made you laugh the most?

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© 2019 Alejandra Jimenez


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