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going out in a blaze of glory

Updated on May 19, 2010


It is a nice breezy day in the middle of may,the concrete is still wet from the rain that fell thirty minutes ago.The location is the Dew Drop Inn a sleazy motel in the middle of the city,inside a man sits on the end of the bed drinking southern comfort straight out the bottle.He stands up places the half full bottle down on the table right beside a silver 357 magnum.He stares at his face rubbing his hand through a 3 day old beard.He picks up the 357 and points it at his reflection in the mirror.Staring off into his reflection for a few seconds,he drops his aim and grabs the bottle, sits down on the bed,takes a swig and gazes into his own eyes becoming lost in his own thoughts.Flashback:"A devastating accident on I-95 today took the lives of a mother and her two children when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed lanes striking her car head on!More at eleven on WSPA." Standing up he walks over to the window and stares out at the traffic moving along on the highway outside the motel.Flashback:"I'm sorry you guys but Chrysler has filed chapter 11,our branch will be shut down."he walks over to the table in front of the mirror and puts the gun down,then picks up the bottle.Taking a swig,he grabs the gun and puts it to his head ,Flashback:He's sitting in church listening to his pastor's sermon "....Therefore if anyone deems it necessary to take their own life They are robbing themselves of the gift of eternal life and condemning themselves to eternal damnation in hell...."He places the gun back on the table and sits down with his head between his hands,Flashback:His brothers house three weeks ago at a barbecue he's standing in the front yard chugging on a Coors light.His brother coming from around the side of the house "there you go! the fellas was wondering if you was still here John,we getting ready to crank the station up get on the madden,you got a couple of folks that want some get back from last month,you down?" Smiling John turns around "yeah,tell them sap suckers that I got the last rise,when I get on the stick it's lights out game over!" His brother starts laughing, "Eh,Mike,give me a few minutes,I'll be in to join the party,just thinking about something,O.K?" Mike "O.K johnny boy,make quick,cause I want some get back myself!!" Mike walks off,his wife meets him around the side of the house,"Mike,you need to talk to him baby,he's hurting,can't you see that?" Mike "Kim,of course I can see it,he's my big brother! I mean he's lost his family,career's tanked,and his house has just been foreclosed on,all within the last two years,what can I really say to him?" John standing in the front yard,he hears but he acts like he doesn't hear.end of flashback.John holding a empty liquor bottle tosses it in the trash can talking to himself,drunk,"Yeah,really,what do I have to lose? Huh? fuck it,everything's gone,wife dead,kids dead,huh?....."John hops in the shower,fifteen minutes later he hops out the shower,pulls a brand new blue and grey pinstriped suit out the closet "yeah ,new shoes,new clothes...every girls crazy for a sharped dress man..." tightening his tie he stares at himself in the mirror....for about ten minutes the radio's playing and johns just staring at himself in the mirror.tears run down his face and he speaks softly almost a whisper "I'm sorry mike...." John turns and grabs the 357 turns around and wipes the tears from his face and says "FUCK IT!!!"....."I'm going out!!!"walks out the room slamming the door behind him.


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