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Making Money Blogging: Freelancing, Consulting & Speaking

Updated on March 13, 2015
Blogging can be a good gateway to other activities
Blogging can be a good gateway to other activities | Source


If you've spent time as a blogger, content creator or online writer, there's a good chance that you have built up some authority and expertise in your chosen field. If that's the case, there are several ways that you can monetize your reputation and experience.

This article covers several of the main areas that you can explore for further income opportunities:

  • Freelance writing and blogging
  • Consulting, contracting and job offers
  • Speaking gigs and conferences

Freelance writing and blogging

Blogging is a great way to expose your work to a wide range of people, especially those interested in your unique approach, content and attitude. Some of your readers, especially business owners, content creators and bloggers may want to hire you on a freelance basis to do some writing for them.

You can explore this by including an invitation for people to hire you on your site, linking through to a page with details of your bio, profile, previous work, why people should hire you and any testimonials.

Although building up a good reputation can't be done overnight, freelance writing and blogging can be a good sideline to make money, with experienced writers charging upwards of $50 an hour.

Advantages:High revenue / low expense (other than your time and energy); getting paid to do what you enjoy.

Disadvantages: Freelance writing can be a very competitive, price-sensitive field; it can take a while to build up a reputation.

Freelance writing can be a good, flexible side-benefit of blogging
Freelance writing can be a good, flexible side-benefit of blogging | Source
If you build up a good reputation, there's a chance you could end up consulting or providing other expert advice
If you build up a good reputation, there's a chance you could end up consulting or providing other expert advice | Source

Consulting, contracting and job offers

If you have expertise in a specific field, there may be an opportunity to do consulting work based on your writing, especially if your blogging demonstrates good insight, analysis, solutions and alternative ways of looking at things.

You might even be offered a permanent or contract job by people reading your blog. This is really about showing your expertise and authority in your subject matter, so to increase the chance of this happening, here are some hints and tips:

  • Carry out detailed research and analysis on a particular topic
  • Create 'white papers' that provide good overviews and explorations of your favorite subjects
  • Network with people in similar fields to yours and develop connections
  • Provide opportunities for others to approach you with job offers, contract or consultancy work

Advantages: Good opportunity to earn money; springboard into other lucrative work; increased reputation and visibility.

Disadvantages: Very unpredictable; competitive; you need to be careful to manage people's expectations of what you can and can't do.

Speaking gigs and conferences can be a lucrative sideline
Speaking gigs and conferences can be a lucrative sideline | Source

Speaking gigs and conferences

If you demonstrate thought leadership in your chosen area, you may well be invited to attend conferences, get-togethers, seminars, networking events and the like as a speaker. This is a great way to not only promote your work but you may also get an appearance fee and have your expenses covered.

To achieve this, you will need to create and build your reputation as an expert in your field. This means creating very high-quality content, connecting with like-minded others and being as visible as you can on social media and in other areas.

One of the best ways of doing this is through joining forums, communities and social networking sites that have similar interests to you. There are hundreds of forums on any subject you can think of, so sharing your expertise, adding value and highlighting your blog posts in such places is a great way to build your reputation. Google+ has an excellent communities section combined with its social network.

Advantages: High profit margins; can lead onto other lucrative work; gets you visibility and builds your reputation.

Disadvantages: Unpredictable! can also be competitive; you have to be careful to avoid 'over promoting' yourself.

How to start freelancing

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In closing

Although monetizing a blog can be difficult, it's certainly not impossible, as a number of successful bloggers have proven.

This article only begins to explore alternative ways that you can make money and it's certainly worth experimenting and building your reputation.


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    • Paul Maplesden profile image

      Paul Maplesden 3 years ago from Asheville, NC

      It's surprising how often blogging can lead to other sidelines. SOme of the most popular bloggers have regular side jobs as speakers and consultants that makes up a significant portion of their income.

    • EABarnes profile image

      EABarnes 3 years ago

      Informative and very helpful insights. Much appreciated.