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Books - many of my favorites.

Updated on August 26, 2012

"Life changing, favorite books I've read.

I cannot believe how often I've heard the term "Life Changing" in the last several months. From exercise programs, viral videos, nutrition fads to volunteering in disaster areas, everything is "life changing."

It caused me to pause and think of the few major incidents that were literally life changing before the media grabbed the term. It does seem like the media is trying to get the human connection back by running programs that "touch the heart" of their listeners or viewers.

This lens will cover some of my life changing events related to books.

So many books were required reading when I was young. I remember reading them, but not really comprehending their purpose or meaning.

Here are a few:

Old Man and the Sea

Moby Dick

Little Women

Walden (re-reading this is a trip)

Wealth of Nations

Pride and Prejudice

The Scarlet Letter



The Swiss Family Robinson

Anne of Green Gables

Sense and Sensibility

The Writings of Mark Twain

and a lot of poetry

I read the Bible, and have done thorough studies of many of the books. The Psalms are so intriguing I've read books about the books over the years, here are a few of the books in this photo.

A few great books.
A few great books.

Life changing books, periodicals I'll be reviewing in the future.

Comment below if you've been down this path and read these items.

Pulling a door closed on the dream house we designed, built and lived in for 10 months to face a new venture.

Certainly life changing. One book brought about this change ... The Bible.

After a complete turn-around in our thinking ...

we left everything to pursue a totally new life-style.

Before the move

our "back-to-the-land" phase,

here are some books and periodicals used to establish that era for us. (We build an environmentally friendly, wood burning home in the woods, into a hill for insulation, and facing the south for additional warmth. We designed the house, drew the plans, contracted the plumbing and some electric, but did most of the building ourselves with friends.)

Mother Earth News

Log-Cabin periodicals

Farming/Gardening books

Alternative Energy

Underground Homes

Getting over the poor choices and the indiscretions of our youth caused a great mental and spiritual search.

Over the years I had a phase I call, "My Search for Purpose" and here are a few books I read in that season:

The Good Earth

Something More


Search for Significance

Purpose Driven Life

Dream Giver


Prayer of Jabez

... C.S. Lewis books

Most recent books on my list:

Anything by Seth Godin


Re-read C.S. Lewis

Squidoo Lenses (love it)

If you favorite this lens, you can keep up with the continued documentation of theses book reviews.

Books that claim "life changing" opportunities - Not books I've read necessarily

I'm letting Amazon pull in some books on this topic, and this is my disclaimer, some of these books I've never read, and some of them I probably would never read, and probably would not agree with the philosophies, but they're topic is "life changing."

think of the few major incidents that were literally life changing before the media grabbed the term

Other FAVS - Some book reviews to check out

A collection of FAVS by a collection of strangers.

CLASSICS - Read, Read, Reading

I'm either reading them, re-reading them or plan to some day. Either way they are on my Kindle.

Pay full price or download of a fraction of the cost.

READ all these books on your KINDLE - Yes download them in less than a minute.

I love having my Kindle handy,

Anytime I'm in a waiting room,

on a plane,

riding as passenger in a vehicle

in motel rooms,

early in the morning when the house is quiet, etc.

All my books in one place - LUV IT!!

This is your place to promote a book that changed your thinking and your life.

Hey if you've read a book that was life changing, then by all means list it here. - Comments can be an overview.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great lens.

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 6 years ago

      @anonymous: Tipi, WOW, I remember The Transformation of the Inner Man, read it early in my journey. Thanks from camping here a while. Always a pleasure!

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 6 years ago

      @lollyj lm: lollyj That's a new one to me by Gibran. I've done extensive study of the Old Testament and agree. Girl of Limberlost sounds interesting! Sorry for the delayed response. Enjoy your input.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I would definitely go with the Bible and The Transformation of the Inner Man by John and Paula Sandford, you will not be the same!

    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 6 years ago from Washington KS

      Yes, The Prophet by Gibran stands out as a book that changed my way of thinking.

      Studying the Old Testament of the Bible changed almost everything about me.

      Girl of the Limberlost by Stratton-Porter, along with several more of her books, inspired me to see the natural world around us through different eyes.

    • profile image

      LensSeller 6 years ago

      One of my favourites is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, a book which I had put off reading for some reason but as soon as I started it I knew it was something special.

      Good luck with your Run For The Wall later this month!