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Book Quiz: - Which Country or Place?

Updated on March 4, 2018
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I love a good quiz - but of course it has to be about things I know, so no good if it's sport or celebs. I still do pub quizzes with friends

In Which Country Did the Story Take Place?

Take this Quiz to test whether you remember the country where the action was.


About the Subject of This Quiz

All the authors mentioned in this quiz give very good descriptions of the countries in which their characters lived. They bring you the atmosphere of the place, so that you can not only visualize it, but hear it, smell it, reach out and touch it. The politics are part of the country, and you get a good sense of the pervading atmosphere, even though these are works of fiction.

I must say, there are a huge number of books by foreign authors that I enjoy reading. Sometimes the original book is written in English, and sometimes the book is a translation. The translators do an excellent job in melding the original language with English, so that it doesn't sound odd or stilted, and I have a tremendous admiration for the linguists who are so adept at their craft.

I have learned a lot almost accidentally, through reading novels which take place in foreign lands. For instance, as a direct result of reading books by Orhan Pamuk about Turkey, and his mention of Ataturk, a great advocate of the secular state, I became interested in why Ataturk was considered to be the founder of modern Turkey. What I discovered was so fascinating that I wrote an article about him, to share my knowledge. Then one of my readers pointed out that, as a famous general, he was responsible for the massacre of the Armenians. Apart from my embarrassment at not knowing this previously, it made me realize how important it is to look at history from more than one viewpoint in order to know the whole story, and I felt much humbled.

Come on Now - Take the Book Quiz - Just Eight Questions

Don't be shy!

In Which Country Did the Action Take Place?

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Snow by Orhan Pamuk.....Rather Relevant As Today We Have The Beast From The East

I learned so much   from reading this book
I learned so much from reading this book | Source

A Suitable Boy - by Vikram Seth


This is My Copy of A Suitable Boy

Published in 1993 it is said to be the longest novel ever published in the English language. It's so long that I never finished reading it, as I found it quite daunting and had so many other books in the reading queue. If you'd like to read the synopsis, try Wikipedia.

Empire of the Sun - by JG Ballard


My Unread Copy of Empire of the Sun

This 1984 novel, short-listed for the Man Booker Prize, won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. I tend to go for prize winning books and their authors, but, once again, I haven't got round to reading it.

Wikipedia has more information.

The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope


My Copy of The Prisoner of Zenda is Looking a Bit Sad

This classic adventure story was published in 1894. I read and enjoyed it whilst in my late teens, and I believe my copy shown here is a first edition. I intended to sell it at great profit, but it's so tatty that I doubt if anyone would be interested!

You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

Here's My Reading Light


Tales of a Grandfather by Sir Walter Scott


My Copy of Tales of a Grandfather

Isn't this cover beautiful? I got it from a car boot sale, but, again, haven't read it. Published in 1828 for children, it is a history of Scotland.

My Set of Dickens Books


My Leather Bound Set of Books by Charles Dickens

I was thrilled when the old ladies next door gave them to me about 35 years ago. It wasn't the full set, but was good enough for me, and occupied pride of position on my book shelves for many years. I recently discovered that they were first editions, around the 1850's, and sold them. I have read many Dickens books, but did not read any of these particular editions, as they were too heavy to read in bed, and a bit smelly.

I read A Tale of Two Cities sixty years ago, when I was still at school, and still remember the famous opening:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"

Sadly, that loaded phrase is more relevant than ever in these difficult times world-wide, isn't it?

I also love the ending:

"Tis a far, far better thing that I do now than I have ever done;

Tis a far, far better place where I go now than I have ever been before."

How Did you Get on in the Quiz?

Did you take the quiz? How did you do? Did you learn something new?

- If you got 8 out of 8, you are clearly a great reader, possibly a bookworm.

- 6 out of 10? Better than average.

- 4 out of 8? Well, not too bad - as I said, they were tricky questions

- 1 or less out of 8? Never mind, we're all good at something - maybe you're good at knitting or partying - at least you were interested enough to try!

Now Travel Back to Your Past

How many of the books in the picture below do you remember?

Some of them took place in other countries too!

Are You Old Enough to Remember Any of These Children's Books?


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