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Me and the blondes by Teresa Toten | Book Review

Updated on January 20, 2009

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In the book: Me and the Blonds by Teresa Toten, Sophie really dosen't want anyone to know something because if people know, things will be a whole lot different and they're just fine right now...Sadly Sophie's secret dosen't stay a secret for very long.

Sophie is so embarassed that she and her mother moved. Hopefully Sophie can just start over in another school, another town...

Honestly, I loved everything in this book! To learn about how kids have to deal with issues during their teen years is very interesting. I learned alot through this book. Just understanding how difficult it must be to transfer schools tells me alot of what some of my friends must have gone through.

Teresa Toten is a talented author, she wrote "Me and the blondes" which is a very good read for anyone. One wish that there was a sequal to "Me and the blondes". I am going to order some of her other works. I do hope that all of you enjoy the book just as much as I have.


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    • profile image

      Halima  9 years ago

      its kool.

    • James 0608 profile image

      James 0608 9 years ago from Southern Ontario

      Thanks for the comment somebody1234, it is a great book to learn how life can be.

    • profile image

      somebody1234 :) 9 years ago

      this book was a verry interesting book and ut tell you how not every kid has a life like you and has to go throught stuff like this everyday! :)