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Book Review of "Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay"

Updated on March 30, 2013
Glass Dawn
Glass Dawn | Source

When you think of it, Sci-Fi is one of the most difficult genres to write in. Partly it's because it's not easy to invent new worlds, new sciences, non-human heroes for the story and write about things like space travel and anti-matter in a convincing way. And partly it's because there are so many Sci-Fi masterpieces out there."Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay" by Randy Stahla is one of the few contemporary Sci-Fi books that is not only written according to all the requirements of the genre, but also keeps the reader on tenterhooks from cover to cover. It's also the basis of a fun to watch animation, which is something not all books are.

"Glass Dawn" is a story about friendship, loyalty, dealing with rejection and saving the world. All that from the perspective of a cyborg called PopNjay. The story takes the reader to another galaxy where there is a planet called Teralon. In many ways, the planet is a lot like Earth - there are the same intrigues, political myopia and a dictator that finally destroys the planet in a nuclear war. The only surviving humanoid is Dr Silane, a scientist who created amazing things like a feeling female ship who can read others' emotions, three cyborgs (PopNjay, Mac and Jac), and who saved the archive with all art and science of the dying planet Teralon. The three cyborgs and their creator start looking for another planet to live on while they are being chased by Dr Domain, a crazy cyborg policeman who wants nothing more than to be the chief of police again. After some time of space travel, they all end up on Earth and that's when real action starts. The story has it all - lots of suspense, a bit of romance and betrayal, an impostor, a conspiracy, a maniac who wants to blow up the Earth, and even some large-scale investment fraud. On top of that, there is a cute cyborg PopNjay who is very loyal to Dr Silane, but feels rejected at times and is afraid that he doesn't belong.

Dr Silane and his cyborgs escape from Teralon

Teralon Escape
Teralon Escape | Source

When you read the descriptions of space travel and all the technology Dr Silane created, you start thinking that Randy Stahla has access to it all and actually saw it all happen. You can tell that he loves Sci-Fi and knows how it all works. He has a vivid imagination that takes you on a journey - all you need to do is read "Glass Dawn" and look at Stahla's original art.

Going through the time portal

Time Portal
Time Portal | Source

And since the story is the basis of an animation, the video is a must-watch.

Watch "Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay" Video

One of the best bits about "Glass Dawn" is that it's not just a random Sci-Fi story. It has lots of important thoughts, like we should love what we have and care about the Earth if we don't want it to end up like Teralon. That even when life is hard things like love and friendship are more important than anything.

"Glass Dawn: The Adventures of PopNjay" is a book that you will read from top to bottom in one go. Enjoyment guaranteed.

© 2013 Snurre


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