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Book Review - The Failed Entrepreneur

Updated on April 16, 2013

The Failed Entrepreneur by Duncan Ridler

Duncan Ridler has always aspired to be an entrepreneur, but from what I gather, it has not been without it's challenges. The Failed Entrepreneur is a true story about an 'extraordinary man who lives an extraordinary life'.

It is a humourous take on the challenges of being self-employed, and also gives a good insiders perspective on running your own business. For the entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, employed or job seeker, this book is a must read!

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The Failed Entrepreneur - Plot Synopsis

This story in based on Duncan's real life, describing the shocking twists and turns of life as an entrepreneur. Starting from school leaving age, the story sees Duncan set up numerous businesses in a variety of settings including Scotland, Birmingham and Portugal. It also explores the implications of his financial and time constraints on his family life, and the challenge it can bring to marriage and family life.

Success came and went, and inbetween he was left homeless, and then with a mountain of debt. I don't want to give too much away, but 'The Failed Entrepreneur' follows life when it's right at the bottom, to life when it's right at the top. A philosophical undertone puts life into perspective as Duncan realises what really is important in life.

Do people judge you based on your mistakes? Does beaurocracy prevent you from making it in business? Is it possible to go from having nothing to having it all? Does money really matter when you have good friendships and a loving family around you? The Failed Entrepreneur will give you answers to these questions, and make you laugh along the way!

The Failed Entrepreneur - Surely the next Bestseller!

I really recommend this book, and would give it five out of five stars. It was an easy read, and grappled with fantastic life issues. The somewhat 'dry' sense of humour in the book is great, and as an entrepreneur myself, I really related to some of the challenges that Duncan has been through. I can see that it would relate to male and female readers alike. It is realistic and gives a good balance on romantic and financial occurances. Some aspects of the story really are unbelievable, and you will learn a lot from reading it. I honestly couldn't put it down. This should be the next International Best Seller!

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More from Duncan Ridler - The Guide to Business Failure

The Guide to Business Failure talks you through the challenges of a business when it is not working out financially. The book encourages you to look for the tell tale signs of a failing business, whether they are coming from your staff, the bank manager or the insolvency practitioner. It is fantastic that Duncan has put what he has learnt into a short guide to help others. The key message is this - when a business starts to show signs of failure, get out before it's too late! This even gives details on how to deal with 'the Mrs' when it is time to tighten the belt! But, my favourtite bit of this book - Why do insolvency practitioners always wear read socks?!

A Guide to Business Failure
A Guide to Business Failure

A short, easy to read guide to dealing with business failure from the failed entrepreneur himself. If you enjoyed The Failed Entrepreneur, or have an interest in business, you should defnitely read this guide.


Which Duncan Ridler book did you enjoy the most?

Which did you enjoy the most? The Failed Entrepreneur or The Guide to Business Failure?

Buy the Song Featured in the Book!

'Be Who You Want to Be' by Jason Lockett is the song featured in the book 'The Failed Entrepreneur'. The Music scene is a business too, and this is a great tune!

Have you read 'The Failed Entrepreneur'? What did you think of it?

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      Haven't read this - but it sounds good.