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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Updated on October 20, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars is a Young Adult novel, narrated by sixteen year old Hazel Grace Lancaster - a cancer patient - who has little hope of living a full and satisfying life, with her constant companion being an oxygen tank. By staying in and remaining unsociable, Hazel thinks she’s making life easier for everyone - if people don’t get attached, she won’t cause them pain when she’s no longer there.

But her world and opinions change when her mother forces her to go to a support group. It's here, surrounded by other cancer patients and survivors, where she meets Augustus Waters - who can’t stop staring at her. He’s handsome and charming. How can she resist? From here, we follow Hazel and Gus as their love blossoms and relationship deepens, as they face pain and struggles with acerbic wit and raw honesty.

Charming, witty, torturous. This book is truly a masterpiece. Beautifully written. It exceeded every expectation I had of it. The Fault in Our Stars made me laugh. And cry. Sometimes both at once. John Green sure knows how to write tear-jerkers! It's a beautiful story of love and life and death.

The characters are realistic, the plot twists unexpected and I really just loved this book! I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a laugh, a cry or just a good read!

The Fault in Our Stars Movie

It's official! There is a TFiOS movie in the works! It's expected to be out in theatres 6th June 2014. You can read about it here.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,/But in ourselves,

that we are underlings."

~ Act 1, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare.

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Listen to John Green read chapter one of his book, The Fault in Our Stars!

Did you know that The Fault in Our Stars is being made into a movie? Watch this video to know more.

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    • Mycelium3 profile image

      Mycelium3 4 years ago


    • MarathonRunning profile image

      Martina 4 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Nice review. It sounds like a lovely story for sure :)

    • lewisgirl profile image

      lewisgirl 4 years ago

      Sounds like a lovely story.