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Book Reviews

Updated on May 23, 2013

Short Book Reviews

Since 2007 I have been reviewing books online, both fiction and non-fiction; those that I have bought myself or have received as gifts as well as publications that have been sent to me by writers and publishers.

Since I was about ten years old I have been collecting all sorts of books and this has resulted quite some library building up on my shelves with publications of all types taking their place. Since I really got to grips with reading I have always enjoyed books and find parting with them quite difficult indeed, even if I have not particularly enjoyed them, this means that I have more than I really know what to do with.

When I began to review books in September 2007 it was an experiment in writing and I decided to post them on the internet on Book Review Blog; my intention was to try and review all the books on my shelves - an ambitious project indeed and one that will almost certainly be ongoing for a very long time.

Increasingly, I receive books from publishers and self-published authors who wish to have their work reviewed and the little bit of publicity that goes with it. I am always happy if I can help writers to publicize their novels and works of non-fiction, particularly new and self-published authors; if you have a book you want to promote then you can find out how to get it featured on my blog later on this page.

What Type of Publications Do I Review? - Books Of All Genres

On Book Review Blog I enjoy reviewing a wide range of reading material. I review both fiction and non-fiction, adult and children's books; in fact anything that I have read over the years - fictional writing of all genres from The Sneetches by Dr Seuss to Candide by Voltaire and non-fiction such as A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

Some Other Books I Have Reviewed

Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie

Tintin In Congo by Herge

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Earth In The Balance by Al Gore

However, I only review hard copies of people's work - I like to have a book in my hand and I am not interested in reading material that is in digital form. Sorry to all those people who are only publishing ebooks but I spend a lot of time looking at a screen, maintaining many websites, blogs and other pages and the last thing I want to do when I have time to relax is read from a computer screen or even a Kindle which does not have the look of a monitor about it but does not feel right in the hand to me.

The types of books that I write about reflect the fact that I have been reading since I was a child and have been interested in a wide variety of subjects over the years. It also reflects the fact that I receive a wide variety of writing from authors and publishers for review. If you want to get your book featured on my blog take a look at another lens first - How To Get Your Book Reviewed

Let Us Know What You Prefer To Read - Please Vote Here

Whilst their are countless numbers of literary genres, all books fall into two basic categories; fiction or non-fiction. Here is your chance to vote for your favourite. Personally, whilst I enjoy reading the occasional non-fictional book, I far prefer reading fictional stories - a form of escapism I guess.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction?

See results

Some Notes On How I Go About Reviewing Books & What You Can Expect

On my blog I post reviews that I have written myself which reflect my honest opinion of what I have read.

I have never taken a course in discussing the merits of fiction or non-fiction and I am certainly not a professional reviewer of any type. I have simply written about what I have read in a way that I think people can understand easily and in which gives potential readers a good idea of what to expect.

My book reviews are fairly short, usually consisting of just three or four concise paragraphs, and each one gives a brief idea and opinion of the plot, some comments on the writing style and the characters. Finally, I say whether I would recommend the book and to whom, as well as giving it a score out of ten.

An Example Review - The Book With No Name by Anonymous

The following is an example of a book review that I have written and published on my blog. All of the reviews that I write and publish follow a similar style to this one.

The Book With No Name is a dark story about a town where mysterious murders occur regularly but are infrequently solved by the police. A tale of dastardly characters, extreme violence and a compelling mystery which will excite some readers and alienate others.

This tale is full of cliched characters, hackneyed themes and obviously steals from many other books and movies but somehow manages to combine thse into an extremely enthralling book. The Book With No Name begins with a massacre and provides a litany of similar violence throughout but builds an intriguing mystery from the start which makes the reader turn the pages fiercely.

One of the strengths of This story is the huge number of very memorable and over-the-top characters that either come from or would fit straight into a movie; Rodeo Rex, Elvis, The Bourbon Kid, El Santino, Sanchez The Barman, Jefe The Bounty Hunter and many others are among some of the most colorful, amusing and, amazingly, likable characters of any novel I have ever read.

Although some of the dialogue is fairly cliched and the themes quite unoriginal, the author manages to ravel a compelling plot, one which revolves around a magical jewel, a book which once read results in death and mysterious monks.

The Book With No Name is a literary smorgasbord of memorable characters, violence, swearing, plot themes and even the obligatory vampires, but one of the most enjoyable and memorable reads I have had in a long time.

The Book With No Name: A Novel (Probably)
The Book With No Name: A Novel (Probably)

I would recommend this story to readers who enjoy riotous and action-packed stories full of interesting and exaggerated characters. Don't expect a literary masterpiece but do expect a lot of fun.


Are You A Writer? Get Your Work Featured On My Blog

For authors, publishers and other book distributors I am very happy to review material that is sent to me.

When I receive your publication I will create one entry on the blog for it entitled, "Books to be Reviewed: Your Title by You" with some promotional text, an image and a link to any specified website; the image to the right shows what it would look like.

After reading the book I will post a short review of it. Authors who send me their work will never receive a hostile review, although I will discuss it honestly; I cannot guarantee a good write up but will attempt to be positive, criticize politely and try to highlight any good points. However, you will find some very harsh reviews on my blog, but do not worry, these are not works that authors and publishers have kindly sent me, all my heavily critical writing is about books that I have bought.

But please remember that I do not wish to receive works of fiction or non-fiction in digital form.

Books that I receive will also be featured on this squidoo lens - Authors, send me your books for review.

For further details please see my blog: Get Your Book Reviewed.

book reviewing
book reviewing

How To Write A Book Review - It Is Not As Easy As All That

Before creating my blog I had no prior experience of writing reviews, the only writing I had done was at school and assignments for my degree. However, with a little thought and application, and the help of various websites, I found it a relatively easy affair to write short and informative appraisals that would give details of plot, characters, subject matter and readability.

If you are inclined to write your own reviews take a look at this short guide that I have found to be helpful: How To Write A Book Review - it should get on you on the right track.

Do You Find That Reviews Help You Choose Something To Read?

Do you pay any attention to what other say when choosing reading material?

See results


Thanks for the critique

Thank you to lensmaster KarenTBTEN who offered some very useful critique on this lens.

I hope that you have found the information here at least a little useful and perhaps it has given you some ideas about writing. If you have anything to say about this page please put your thoughts down here.

Please Leave Your Comments Here - Let Us Know What You Think

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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      7 years ago from Ljubljana

      I have a blog about picture books we read. It is not typical book review blog where we can read just praisesbecauseI found more than half of picture book not good enough. Itis written in Slovene language. I'll check your blog and see how you manage:) All the best!

    • Grandma-Marilyn profile image


      7 years ago

      I am interested in starting book reviewing. I found out about this and really love the idea. I am at present trying to find out all I can and then I will start reviewing books.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love book reviews and get most of my reading ideas from them. Enjoying a look at your site, as I came across it today!

      I just started a book review log. I would like to ask you to stop by and give it a look. I am looking for advice for those who have "gone before". Please let me know if you have any advice for me...

      Many thanks,


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very good lens. Will have to read more books to review 'em :)


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