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Best of Books in a variety of Genres and Subjects.

Updated on December 27, 2012

Pages on Books and Authors

On this lens I feature all my lenses about Books. If you are interested in reading books in a certain category make sure to check out the link list. There is a good chance I have created a comprehensive reading list of best-of's on the subject you are looking for information.

Best Pages About Books

detective novels
One of the oldest stories that can be considered a detective is Susanna and the Elders from the Old Testament. So the genre goes a long way back. It took a b...

Great Russian Writers
The Russian Literature bloomed in the 19th century when writers like Poesjkin, Tolstoj, Dostojevski, Toergenjev and Tsjechov produced world class novels that...

As a little boy I used to read an insane amount. Granted I lived in a small village but by the time I went to highschool, I had gone through the entire child...

Best Books about Value Investing
There are many books available on how to manage your investments. In this lens I want to spotlight a few of the best books I've come across while reading up ...

Demon Defense and Demon Doubling
If you want to get better at Bridge, and since you are reading this article you most likely want to, you have to work hard on the level of your game. I enjoy...

Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami was born in Kyoto, but he grew up in Kobe. His father was the son of a Buddhist priest. His mother was the daughter of a merchant from Osaka....

Vampire Books
For all lovers of romance, suspense and mystery! If you can't get enough of the supernatural. Make sure you have these great vampire books in your home! I cr...

Paul Auster Books
Paul Auster was born right after WO II in 1947. He is an American author, living in Brooklyn, and married to Siri Hustvedt. Auster grew up in Newark, NJ and ...

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