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Books By Lee Child

Updated on November 30, 2015

The Books by Lee Child Are A Great Read.

I enjoy reading and murder mysteries are at the top of my got-to-read list. Jack Reacher is a character I've come to know and love, I found him in a book by Lee Child. Jim Grant, a British best selling author, has written books under the pen name of Lee Child since 1997. There are now 16 volumes in the Reacher collection on my book shelf and I eagerly await number 17. I read some where that Lee came up with the name for his macho, ex-military hero in a supermarket as he was reaching for some groceries on the top shelf.

The picture isn't of Jack Reacher or Lee Child. It's not even a book...can you figure out why I put it there? If you want to take a guess I'd love to hear it...scroll down the page and you will find a spot to add your ideas!

Who is Jack Reacher? Jack, retired from his career as a Major in the Army Military Police, is a drifter. He has no drivers license, no home, no possessions Well, okay, he does have some possesions...the clothes on his back, an ATM card, and a foldable toothbrush. In the books written after 9/11 he carries an old passport too. How many people do you know who can live without the trappings of our material world? That alone is impressive.

This guy is big. He stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, weighs near to 250 and lives by an ethical code that is admirable. He's blue eyed and blond and makes quite a statement just by being. He has old friends who are loyal as can be and makes new friends as he moves along. He's a little like Superman, but human. When you start to read the books by Lee Child you will love Reacher or not. There's a huge fan base out there who love him and can't wait for the next book with him as the main character. I'm one of them...but I bet you knew that already.

Want to find out more about Jack Reacher? Then it's time to pick up on of the Lee Child's books - why not start with number 1, The Killing Floor.

Get Your Own Set Of Jack Reacher Books By Lee Child

You can find all the books by Lee Child at Amazon. Here is a list of the Jack Reacher book series from 1 - 5.

The Killing Floor - Meet Jack Reacher. A drifter, an ex American Army policeman, who wanders into a small town in Georgia only to be arrested for a murder he didn't commit. The dead man turns out to be Reacher's brother, Joe.

Die Trying - Reacher helps and injured woman and is abducted along with her. The woman turns out to be Holly Johnson, FBI Agent.

Trip Wire - Reacher and Jodie Garber, a Wall Street attorney and the daughter of Reacher's ex-commanding officer, hook up to solve a murder.

Running Blind - This book was called The Visitor when it was released in England. Ex-army women are dying and Reacher knows them all. What's more, Reacher fits the FBI profile of the killer according to Special Agent Julia Lamarr.

Echo Burning - A beautiful woman gives Reacher a ride. Jack finds out she is a beautiful woman in trouble, can he help her?

More Books About Jack Reacher

Let's take a look at books 6 - 10.

Without Fail - Helping the Secret Service with the job of assassinating the Vice President of the United States. What's our drifter friend up to now?

Persuader - Outside the Boston Symphony Hall Reacher Spots Francis Xavier Quinn. The only problem is that Quinn died ten years ago.

The Enemy - Why is a two-star general dead in a sleazy motel in North Carolina when he was supposed to be in Europe?

One Shot - A Sniper, after killing five people, is arrested and says only five words "Get Jack Reacher for me." The police beat the sniper so badly he doesn't remember why he did it. Now it's up to Reacher to figure it all out .

The Hard Way - The wife and daughter of a rich and powerful man are kidnapped. One million dollars in ransom in a Mercedes and Jack Reacher watches the car drive away. When Racher is hired to find the missing woman and child, he finds out more about the man than he wants to know. Now to find the answer to this mystery, he has to do it the hard way. That means starting at the beginning.

Books By Lee Child 11 - 16 - More Best Sellers Featuring Jack Reacher

Books number eleven through sixteen by Lee Child bring us more of our favorite ex-military drifter, Jack Reacher. If mystery novles are the books for you, these thrillers are exciting, good reads you should pick up.

Bad Luck And Trouble - Francis Neagley, a member of Jack Reacher's old team of army investigators, is one of the few people who can contact Reacher. And when she does it means Trouble.

Nothing To Lose - Reacher walks into a small town in Colorado named Despair and gets arrested as a vagrant. That's where the trouble starts, but not where it ends.

Gone Tomorrow - Reacher witnesses a suicide and knows there's more to it than meets the eye. He knows what to look for with a suicide bomber and this case is making him think about that. And you know Reacher...he just cannot let it go.

61 Hours - Jack meets a woman who needs help and helping her is going to mean trouble. How does Reacher manage to find trouble in a blizzard in Bolton, South Dakota? And how does he work his way out of it this time, or does he?

Worth Dying For - A child is missing and has been for 25 years. Reacher is on the search to find her. Someone in this small town in Nebraska doesn't want Reacher snooping around. But when did that ever stop him?

The Affair - A woman's throat is cut and Reacher has to find out why. This case has Reacher looking where the army doesn't want him to look, on an active base where an elite force of soldiers is stationed. Or is it one of the cilvilians in this all but dead town? Jack checks them all out, and that makes him unwelcome. But he figures, so what, he wasn't planning on staying anyway.

Be On The Lookout For Lee Child's Next Jack Reacher Book - A Wanted Man

Find The Next Jack Reacher Novel, A Wanted Man, below and pre-order it today. The book is due out in September, 2012.

Lee Child Book Sets

Want more than one book written by Lee Child? Here are some book sets with Jack Reacher, big guy, drifter, ex-army policeman, as the main character. Join Jack in his thrilling adventures as he walks and hitches across America.

What Would Jack Reacher Say?

"Reacher said nothing".

Lee Child On Tom Cruise Being Jack Reacher

What does Lee Child think about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher in the movie One Shot?

Lee Child Tells Us How He Came Up With The Name Reacher

Did you ever wonder how Lee Child came up with the name of his most popular character? Well, you can hear about it in the author's own words.

One Shot By Lee Child - A New Movie Starring Tom Cruise

Here's some news that is a real shock to most Lee Child and Jack Reacher fans. I was so disappointed when I heard this...Cruise just does not fit the Reacher character I know from the books. Give me your opinion about the Cruise News in the next section of this lens.

Jack Reacher E Books By Lee Child - Get E Books And An E Book Reader

Everyone I know who has one loves it. What is it? It's a Kindle, A Nook or An iPad. The newest and coolest gadget out there for people who love to read, the e readers have arrived in full force. And along with the readers are thousands, perhaps millions, of ebooks. And those ebooks include books written about our favorite big,hulking, ex-army, good guy hero, Jack Reacher.

Who Should Play Jack Reacher In The Movies?

What actor do you think would makea great Jack Reacher? Is it Tom Cruise, Paul Walker, Josh Holloway, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, or the really tall John Corbett. If you have any more ideas let us know!

What Hollywood Star Would Make The Best Jack Reacher?

See results

Please, leave your comments about the wonderful books and that hero character given to us by Lee Child. There's no better read for me than a Jack Reacher novel. Let me hear what you like about them and the characters in them.

Let me know your opinion about the picture on the top of the page!

I'd Love To Hear Your Comment On The Books By Lee Child

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      lynne_girl, you forgot to mention Jack Reacher and Lee Child have great fans too! LOL That would be us!

    • lynnegirl1 profile image

      lynnegirl1 5 years ago

      Great writer, great character!

    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      I love Jack Reacher too. He is so cool and yes he does kick a lot of ass...but only if they are bad guys. lol

    • PennyHowe profile image

      PennyHowe 5 years ago

      I really love the Jack Reacher novels. He is one tough son of a gun and kicks lots of ass! Love it!