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Romance Books with a Prince or King

Updated on March 30, 2015

The Royal Family and the People

Most of us have probably dreamed of meeting and falling in love with a prince or princess. People are just drawn to royalties because they embody a different world that only a few gets a glimpse of. People naturally put members of the royal family in high esteem because they carry with them centuries of history and tradition that they continuously keep.

I'm one of those people who are in awe whenever I hear news about any member of a royal family. I just can't help but read through recent articles involving a royal family member most especially topics about their love life.

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Books of Romances with a Prince or King

I have read few books of romances with princes or kings and have decided to share it to readers who loves a happy ever after. These books are modern fairy tales so most people will be able to relate with the story and characters.

The Prince with Amnesia - by Emily Evans

Prince Kai is suffering from amnesia due to an accident. He is currently in America to recuperate in secret. He attends the local high school where he meets new friends and Violet - a girl he wants to date. Violet is a senior who is not allowed to date. But she is pretty determined to date on her final year in high school. She will have to lie to do it though.

My Thoughts. It is a good book to read. The storyline has been written well. The characters are likeable except for quite a few - trust that these unlikeable characters shape the likeable ones. The turmoil and twist of the story has been laid out well. Readers get to see the internal struggle of Kai in choosing between his responsibility as a royal and his heart. We also see how Violet chooses to direct her life by going for her dreams and letting her parents understand.

Royally Lost

Prince Nikolai is running away from the kingdom, his family, and responsibilities. He wants to prove his point and make his family realize that he can be a better person and future king in his own way.

Becca is dragged into a European trip with his distant father, enthusiastic stepmother, and independent brother who wants nothing more than to enjoy the company of women. Being a good girl, she unwillingly succumbs to the planned activities. But when she meets Nikolai, she begins to question the choices she makes.

My Thoughts. I enjoyed reading this book. It is refreshing and easy to read. It gives the sense of liberation that we all have experienced at one point in our lives. Sometimes, I wish I had the courage to go against what is expected. Looking back, I would have loved to spend a year off from school before entering college. The time off would have allowed me to explore the world and understand myself more.

Once Upon a Prince - by Rachel Hauck

"I found the right ring but not the right girl." This is the statement that Susanna's boyfriend of 12 years told her when he broke up with her. It devastated her and crushed her dreams of being married. But God has another plan for her.

Prince Nathaniel II is out on a holiday in the island of St. Simons. This holiday is probably the last he will have before becoming a king. Back at home, his father (the king) is dying and the political situation has chosen a bride for him to solve the problem. What he didn't expect to meet in St. Simons is Susanna. She has captured his heart and mind but they are worlds apart. He cannot pursue her because he cannot be with her without giving her a broken heart. Everything changes during his coronation. Will he choose his kingdom or his heart?

My Thoughts. This is a modern day fairytale. I admire Nate's determination to fulfill his duties and responsibilities. He weighs his options well and tries to find a solution to appease everybody. I also like how Susanna deals with the situation. She accepted her faith and did not push herself to trouble Nate more. This book will help readers learn how the characters hanged on to God for his guidance and for His plans.

Suddenly Royal - by Nichole Chase

Samantha is a woman focused on achieving her dreams and has no time on other things. She is currently working on her master's degree in wildlife biology whilst taking care of her ailing father.

The arrival of a duchess and Prince Alex becomes a big event in school. She gets a glimpse of the royalty but did not care much because it has nothing to do with her. The duchess invites her to a dinner. She comes to dinner presuming that the meet will discuss a donation to the program of the school with which she is involved. However, her life turns upside down when she learns that she is with noble birth and an heiress to an estate in the country of Lilaria.

My Thoughts. This book intrigued me. Usually, stories with royalties involve a prince and a commoner. But this book is an upgrade. Samantha is a commoner who turns up to be a royal after all. Pretty cool! Yet, the book takes us into how she accepts her responsibility, how she prioritizes everything handed to her, and how she fights her growing feelings for Prince Alex. The character of Samantha is very real. This is the reason why people can easily relate and learn from her.

To Marry a Prince - by Sophie Page

Bella doesn't believe in fairytales. She is a sensible woman who is currently living with her best friend because her mother and stepfather have gotten their house full with visitors. She is presently unemployed with no direction after her stint in a tropical island from a man she believed she fancied.

One night will change her life forever.

At a party, Bella meets a man who helps her out of an embarrassing situation. The man turns out to be Prince Richard, heir to the throne. They meet again and go on dates. They fall for each other eventually and in time, they are engaged. Then Bella's problems begin.

Thoughts. It is a fun read. The story is definitely a fairytale - a prince marries a commoner. Readers can easily relate and adjust to the scenarios. The storyline and characters will make people fall in love and wish for a fairytale.

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