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Top 10 Books on Bridge by Players of the ACBL

Updated on November 4, 2012

Books on Bridge

The Top 10 of Best Books on Bridge of All Time according to players surveyed by the American Contract Bridge Leauge are listed on this page. The books are in descending order, so Nr.1 is right at the top. The authors are renowned Bridge authors and very skilled players. Some books are almost fifty years old and others are relatively new. Bridge literature itself is several hundreds of years old and all this research on this beautifull game has led to a rich number of choices when looking for books on Bridge. Use this list as a starting point to find books that suit your needs and playing skills by the best authors in the field. It won't take you long to improve your Bridge game a great deal and rank much higher during your club nights. These books als make excellent gifts for any fanatical Bridge player you might know.

Watson on the Play of the Hand at Contract Bridge - Louis H. Watson

Watson's Classic Book on The Play of the Hand at Bridge
Watson's Classic Book on The Play of the Hand at Bridge

This is widely regarded as one of the best books on Bridge ever written by Experts and casual players alike. It covers offensive play and defensive play and almost every bridge player will find tons of information that will greatly improve his play. One thing to warn you about is that it is not an easy read. It's very rich in information but that information is presented to you in a bit of a dry way. Be ready for some studying but afterwards you'll be tearing it up at the clubs.


Points Schmoints! Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets - Marty Bergen

Points Schmoints!: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets
Points Schmoints!: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets

The 2nd best book as voted by members of the ACBL. Written by Marty A. Bergen who is a US bridge player that won the national championship 10 times and is a ACBL Life Grandmaster. He is still writing Bridge books but this one is considerd his best. He is well known for developing new conventions like for example Bergen raises and DONT.


How to Read Your Opponents Cards - Michael Lawrence

The 3rd best book on Bridge of All time as voted by members of the ACBL.

Why You Lose at Bridge - S.J.Simon

Why You Lose at Bridge
Why You Lose at Bridge

S.J. Simon is a Britsh author of Books on Bridge and a fanatical player himself. He is one of the author/players who is responsible for inventing the Acol bidding system. The ACBL has awarded Simon the honor of being nr. 48 of the most influential people in it's history on the basis of writing this Book on Bridge and the Acol bidding system.


25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know - Barbara Seagram and d Marc Smith

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know
25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know

When you get a little bit better at playing Bridge you will really want a Book on Bridge bidding systems and conventions. The duo authors of this book have selected over 20 treatments and conventions every beginner can easily start playing. Doing that in the righ way is going to skyrockets the level of your Bridge game. Thoughout the Book on bridge you will be quizzed on the material.


Card Play Technique or the Art of Being Lucky - Victor Mollo and Nico Gardener

CARD PLAY TECHNIQUE: or, The Art of Being Lucky
CARD PLAY TECHNIQUE: or, The Art of Being Lucky

Two famous players work together to bring you this highly readable Book on Bridge that is filled with useful advice on playing. This book was also chosen by the experts as one of the best 10 books on Bridge. Unfortunately it is out of print and there is currently no image of the book available though it is for sale.


Adventures in Card Play - Géza Ottlik and Hugh Kelsey

Adventures in Card Play
Adventures in Card Play

Great advanced book on Bridge. Written by the hungarian Bridge expert and mathematician Ottlik and the famous Scottish Bridge writer Kelsey. It was also voted by the experts as one of the top 10 best books on Bridge of all time. There is a lot of material about squeezes, elopment play, dummy reversals and throw-ins. It's definitely a book on Bridge that is better suited to the ambitious Bridge player. But if you are one of those, then this is the book for you!


Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century - Max Hardy

Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century
Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century

Not a book for complete beginners but if you are learning relatively fast and are picking up the game at good speed this is a great book on Bridge to get. It will help you bid more agressive and teach you how to evaluate hands after they are played better. That way you can learn more and improve faster. A book for advanced beginners who are eager to improve.


The Secrets of Winning Bridge - Jeff Rubens

The Secrets of Winning Bridge
The Secrets of Winning Bridge

Jeff Rubens wrote up very valuable information about hand evaluation and how you should approach this properly. It's one of the most important skills for any cardplayer as your ability to learn and improve comes from this analysis. Pay attention while reading this classic book on Bridge and you will greatly improve your game.


What is your favorite Book on Bridge?

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    • Mark-Nehs profile image


      5 years ago

      Watson's Play of the Hand.


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