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Books Similar to Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Updated on December 9, 2013

Why do I Like Reading Book Series like Beautiful Bastard?

For the longest of time, I have favored reading stand alone books. First of all, I am impatient. So having to wait for the next installment of a story does not go well with me. Second, I do believe that a single book is enough to stuff readers with a good story. Lastly, a story becomes boring when it is lengthened into installments.

But I came across a certain kind of book series like the Beautiful Bastard where the story moves in circles. This type of series introduces readers to a group of people or friends having a strong bond. Each of these characters are given their own story and featured in a stand alone book. So readers are given the option to read or not to read the next installment.

Beautiful Bastard - by Christina Lauren

Why do I like this series? The plot is good. The characters are lovable. The scenes are funny and exciting.

Bennett Ryan, Max Stella, and Will Sumner are three eligible bachelors whom every woman dreams of taming. But only fate will make them change their ways.


Chloe Mills has been working for the Ryan family for a definite period of time. She is efficient and hardworking. Thus, it comes as no surprise when the head of the Ryan family designated her to a new boss - Bennett Ryan.

Bennett Ryan recently came back from France to take a position in his family's business empire. As fate would have interjected, he is given Chloe as an assistant. She is dependable and lightens his work burden but the undeniable attraction is tempting. Will they risk having an office affair?


Sara Dillon is running away from her past. Now in New York, she is determined to make a fresh start and enjoy being single. But a strange encounter with Max in a bar leaves her intrigued yet hesitant.

Max Stella loves being with women. He is a no-strings attached kind of guy. So it surprises him when he becomes fascinated with Sara. One encounter leads to another and another until both Max and Stella cannot let go.


Hanna Bergstrom has been focusing on finishing grad school that she has neglected having a social life. Her family has been constantly reminding her the importance of going out and being with friends but time and time again she refuses to give in. Her brother, determined to release her from her shell, imposes that she seek Will's help and learn the basics of dating.

Will Sumner has trouble written all over him. He is a certified playboy who doesn't settle for anything less than expected. But when his long time best friend asks him to help her sister Hanna, a thing or two about socializing, his life and perspective changes. Will Hanna be the end of Will's playboy persona?

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Beautiful Bastard Series on Amazon

Breathless Trilogy

by Maya Banks

Why I like this series? The stories are one of a kind. The characters are intriguing.

Three (3) friends from college moved their way to the top through hard work and team work. Now in their late 30's, Gabe, Jace & Ash will experience a different kind of challenge that they need to deal with on their own. Will they survive love when it hits them when they least expect it?


Gabe Hamilton comes from a stable and wealthy family. Growing up, he adored his parents who has been together for a lengthy of time. Hence, he married a woman whom he deemed will be with him for a lifetime. Yet, his belief in happily-ever-after crumbled when her wife divorced him and drag his name in the public; and when his parents unexpectedly separated. Gabe's life never felt the same. He alienated himself from his father and he took it upon himself to take care of his mother. Luckily, Jace and Ash supported and guided him from the shadow path he is taking. But will Jace and Ash be equally supportive now that he is pining over Mia (Jace's sister)?


Jace and Ash has always been "two peas in a pod." They liked the same things and they do the same things together. When they meet Bethany though, everything changes. Jace becomes possessive and obsessive. He is not willing to share her even with Ash. Will Bethany be the end of Jace and Ash's friendship?


Gabe is married to Mia. Jace is involved with Bethany. Ash is left without somebody by his side. But he is in no hurry. He doesn't even believe in finding that one woman who will tie him down for good. Yet, when he sees and meets Josie, he becomes fascinated. In no time, he finds himself pursuing her and making her his own.

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Breathless Trilogy on Amazon

The Billionaire Brothers Series

by S. Ann Cole

Why I like this series? The plot is not entirely new but I like how the author is able to deliver a fresh story. The characters complement well with each other. And a good ending was provided.

The Nelson brothers have been primed to be the ideal gentleman and tycoon. At 18 years old, they are expected to sit down with their father and present a business proposal that they deemed will be successful. If their father sees the potential, a capital will be given to them. Years thereon, the Nelson brothers (Trevillo, Natalio, and Lovello) proved worthy and became successful in their chosen endeavors.

Mr. Mysterious In Black

Natalio is the middle son of the Nelson brothers. He seems odd and secretive but he adores his brothers much. When he was younger, he fell in love with a girl named Sadie but due to circumstances he cannot control, they were separated. Two years later, he came back for her. But to his dismay, she has moved on and has forgotten all about him. Will he be able to win her back?

Love Has A Name

Lovello is the youngest son of the Nelson brothers. He is easy going, a good leader, and a dominant. When he meets Axia in a very unlikely circumstance, he cuts to the chase only to find that she is not interested.

Axia comes from a wealthy family as well and likes her independence and dominance. She will never succumb to any man's control because it is not her persona. But when she meets Lovello, she begins to question herself. Will one of them submit or will they come up with a compromise?

I Choose You

Trevillo, the eldest Nelson brother, has distinct takes when it comes to women. She likes older women who are divorced or off the market. But when he meets Krissan, his walls break. He pursues the younger and unattached Krissan. And he cleans his dirty past. Will their relationship last?

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