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Books Worth Reading

Updated on June 12, 2014

Books Worth Reading: Jana Oliver

For my first featured author, I want to introduce you to the amazing Jana Oliver. I met Jana at a convention a few years ago and picked up books from her Time Rovers series and from Demon Trapper's Daughter. I fell in love with both series and have read all the books and her most recent, non-series books, Briar Rose.

Jana is an amazing author whose books are often classified as Young Adult but who will appeal to adults as well. Her books always feature strong female characters who may sometimes need some help but are never helpless and who are as likely to rescue as to be rescued!

From my reviews

I reviewed Time Rovers a few years ago at Blogcritics. Here is an excerpt from that review:

"If you have not discovered Jana Oliver’s Time Rover trilogy yet, and you love meticulously constructed stories about Victorian England or time travel, you will love these books.The three books in the series are Sojourn, Virtual Evil, and Madman’s Dance. Do yourself a favor and buy all three at once, because you are not going to want to wait at the end of one before you get the next, especially after the cliffhanger ending of Virtual Evil. Consider yourself warned.

Jacynda Lassiter is a Time Rover from 2057, when Time Travel has become a major tourist industry. Cynda, as she is known to her friends, has built a reputation for getting tourists and academics in and out of time travel destinations safely, often at the last possible moment, without disturbing the flow of history. Her adventures in the London of 1888 begin when a tourist goes missing and then a fellow Time Rover who was Jacynda’s lover is killed. In the first volume, Sojourn, Cynda must find the missing tourist and discover the murderer. In the process, she makes two gentlemen friends who both could potentially be more if it were not for Cynda’s job, and she learns that almost everything and everybody are not what they seem. As the trilogy continues, something is going terribly wrong with time, the time travel industry has become corrupt, and Cynda’s adventures keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to stop reading until you know what happens next!"

Read the rest at

The Demon Trappers

The Demon Trapper's Daughter begins with 17-year-old Riley, daughter of a legendary Demon Trapper, Paul Blackthorne, planning to follow in her father's footsteps. After all, just because no female has done it before does not mean Riley can't! And Atlanta (in the near future) is overrun with demons so there is plenty of work to be done.

When tragedy strikes, Riley must embrace her destiny and learn her lessons quickly as she is caught in the middle of a battle between Heaven and Hell.

The books in this series are The Demon Trapper's Daughter, Soul Thief, Forgiven, and Foretold, and the latest, Grave Matters.

Riley and her partner Beck are my favorite pair in all of literature at the moment. If you like fantasy, you owe it to yourself to discover these books.

Briar Rose

Briar Rose is Jana's first book based on a fairy tale and the first one that could be considered steampunk.

Just like in the story of Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose is under a curse, and even though the town of Bliss, GA does not seem like a fairy tale kingdom, still, when it is Briar Rose's 16th birthday, she falls asleep. But Briar has no intention of sleeping for a hundred years. And her sleep is not peaceful, but full of nightmares. She knows she must fight the curse and all the dangers she faces in this virtual dream world if she is to wake up in her own. When 2 friends and the boy she is not supposed to like show up to help her, much derring-do and adventure ensue as they attempt to get back home.

Briar is another character who is strong and brave, like Riley in the Demon Trappers and Cynda in the TIme Rovers books. This is a thoroughly entertaining story and once again, perfect for teens as well as adult readers.

Jana Oliver on Amazon - The books to get you started

Here are the first books of the two series and a link to Briar Rose. Amazon also has all the other books in the series and one more that I am looking forward to reading, Tangled Souls. I hope you enjoy discovering these books as much as I have!

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    • rhettaa profile image

      rhettaa 3 years ago

      @NellyWerff: I think you're going to love it!!

    • NellyWerff profile image

      Nelly van der Werff 3 years ago from The Netherlands

      I love stories about Victorian England and time travel. I downloaded a sample of Sojourns. Look forward to reading it.