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Pre-Smartphone Era-Why books are here to Stay.

Updated on February 13, 2018
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The proliferation of tablets, nooks, and electronic books has been argued to mark the end of the books’ era. Contrary to this belief however, recent years has not shown a drastic decrease in book sales and releases.

It seems like books still continue to be a part of people’s lives. Why do books still exist when trends show that a more technologically advanced alternative always replaces the former? Why would people choose books over the electronic counterpart when it’s clearly behind the times?

A good argument to why this is the case is that people are already in front of an electronic device for almost the entire day. Most people in work are glued to their monitors for a good 8 hours, ideally with a few breaks in between.

Going home to a tablet for some leisure reading doesn't seem so enticing anymore. It hurts the eyes and it can cause some major headaches. To be able to take a break from your computer and actually look at something else is a viable reason why people still go for the old fashioned books. It's a great way to rest your eyes and personally, it's a much more pleasant way to read.

In the 21st century, the development of technology took a progressive turn. This is when technological innovations came one after the other in such a fast pace that the models and gadgets we had a few years ago seem so ancient and dated.

Who would believe that a decade or so ago the smartphones were nonexistent? It’s nostalgic thinking back to the time we put appointments on our Palm Pilot and when we’d be taken aback by the beeping of our pagers.

Our homes used to be dominated by desktops, while Wireless Fidelity seemed like such a distant idea. For those of you who we were not born during the pre-smartphone era, you might have completely no idea what these gadgets are.

As the years passed laptops kept getting smaller while phones kept getting bigger both of which got sleeker and sleeker. Some of us are just anticipating the convergence of these two gadgets’ size. HD, Retina display, face & thumbprint recognition are now things of our world.

It just feels like the distant future well depicted in movies and books is becoming a foreseeable one. With the advent of technology and the extinction of old fashioned practices, some have predicted that books will soon be obsolete.

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This takes us to the second reason: holding a book is a more fulfilling experience. There’s just something about being able to feel the creases of your favorite book, you feel more of a connection with it.

The feeling of being able to manually turn the page to feel the roughness or smoothness of the paper adds to the experience of reading. It’s also a joy to get to pick between paper bound or hard bound and to choose which cover illustration you like better.

If you’re reading a book that’s close to your heart and you go over a line that speaks directly to you, highlighting or underlining it is a great way to remind you of that particular line. This makes it easier for you go back to it when the need arises. Of course you can do this with the electronic book to but come on you have to admit underlining on your tablet isn't really much fun.

Part of this reason is that it also allows you to use bookmarks. Devices automatically mark where you last stopped, but a real book allows you to mark these pages with some personal bookmarks that perhaps hold some sentimental value.

Another reason why books are here to stay is that your book collection is much more awesome in a library. Just imagine bragging about it to your friends and their faces filled with awe when they step into your mini library (or a huge one if that’s what you prefer).

It isn't as satisfying to show off your collection that’s all contained in your tablet. There’s just not much to look at and not that much to hold.


Lastly, although books age while electronic books don’t, books are more meaningful legacy to the next generation. Even if books get tampered they hold more significance as they reflect how far you've come in life.

As people flip through the pages and see doodles, notes, and occasional watermarks from your tears they are able to fully experience the books and a partial part of your life.


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