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Book Trailers

Updated on September 17, 2014

What Is a Book Trailer?

The newest way to promote your book is with video! These videos are called Book Trailers. Book trailers are very similar to a movie trailer. They serve the same purpose of promoting and peaking interest in your potential audience. Book trailers are designed to build interest in an upcoming or current novel and to encourage people to buy the book that they are based on.

The main difference is that a movie trailer already has visual images to work with - clips from the film. With a book trailer, the maker (either the author themselves or a professional videographer) has to convert the written words into visual images. The trick is to convey a sense of what the book is about without giving anything away - and without really clearly defining what the characters look like, as most readers prefer to visualize what they are reading about as they imagine it themselves.

Most book trailers run from one to three minutes. They can be anything from the author reading a passage from the book, to an elaborate mini-movie.

Below, you will find even more information and links about this exciting new way of advertising and promoting your book.

How to Make a Book Trailer

Storyboard your ideas out. Since you only have a couple of minutes to work with, think carefully about the length of time each image or section of video or animation uses.

The first thing you want to consider is how to convey the idea of your book, and get people excited about it - excited enough to want to buy it!

Watch several book trailers at YouTube (there are some on this lens). Think about whether you want something simple, such as you, the author reading a passage of your book? If you are uncomfortable with the idea of dong a reading, take another approach.

Perhaps a video compiled of still images. Or a mixture of stills and video. Some trailers use animation.

A musical background will add interest and emotion.

What method of changing from one scene to the next do you want to employ? Do you want to fade to black? Or use some kind of manipulation that gives the impression of a page turning, or a spiraled fade?

Think about good movie trailers, since most people are more familiar with those. What made you want to go see the movie? Did the intensity build as the trailer progressed? Did the music quicken, or become foreboding?

Here's a good tutorial

Don't trust your own technical skills? Try asking a friend who has experience making YouTube videos.

Maybe you could run a contest on your blog or website, offering a free copy of your book or a monetary prize for someone making a book trailer for you. Judge for yourself what the best entry is, or let readers decide.

You can even hire a professional.

Helpful Book on Video Production

Making Videos for Money: Planning and Producing Information Videos, Commercials, and Infomercials
Making Videos for Money: Planning and Producing Information Videos, Commercials, and Infomercials

From the planning process through the shoot, to post-production business methods, the book is filled with pearls of wisdom. It is flexible enough to serve as a handy guide in the field or as an instructional text in the classroom. Teens considering a career in commercial video as well as those who make videos as a hobby will benefit from this presentation.


What Do You Think About Book Trailers?

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    • profile image

      AsWeWish 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Margot_C 4 years ago

      What a great idea! Thanks for all the detailed info on how to make a book trailer. Great resource.

    • profile image

      plants4you09 4 years ago

      I have made 1 book trailer so far and will use your suggestions on the next to improve it. Thanks for the great info.

    • profile image

      valentineheart 4 years ago

      What sound advice inspires me no end to get the old super 8 camera out and call in a few favours. I'm loving the idea of book trailers for indie authors like myself. As I use to say about my old b movie classics you've got to promote, promote, promote Mr Wood... Such an informative and helpful lens.

    • profile image

      sjenkins7 4 years ago

      I like this!

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