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Book Review: Born to Run

Updated on February 20, 2015

Of all the books I've ever read, Born to Run is one of the few that truly changed the way I think, act, and live. It is one of those books that reminds you how powerful nonfiction can be and you will be blown away by the talented writing of Christopher McDougall. He intertwines different stories that all come together to bring you the same message - forget what you thought you knew about your body's limits and what it's capable of because your view of your limits doesn't even scratch the surface of what you can actually do.

In Born to Run, McDougall tells the story of super-marathon runners - a little known group of people that have proven you can do anything you put your mind to. In some of the roughest terrain, these runners compete in races that span over 100 miles! If that isn't believable enough, McDougall also investigates a little known tribe in a desolate area of Mexico that is rumored to run these same long distances all for fun.

Amidst these inspiring stories, McDougall investigates the way our legs and feet are built, the shoes we wear and how our anatomy has changed along with the sports industry. He also introduces you to new super foods that will fuel your body to run it's own limits.

After reading this book, I passed it along to my husband and recommended it for my book club. Regardless of whether someone was a runner or healthy eater, the response was the same - this book is an amazing and inspiring read. From new running shoes to new recipes to new ideas, this book resonated in some way with everyone that read it.

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Check out this video to get a glimpse into the Tarahumara tribe and see for yourself how the human body can be pushed to it's limits.

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