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Bram Stoker's Dracula

Updated on November 7, 2012


Count Dracula. A very known character up to now. One can always think of vampire when they hear the name. Bram Stoker's novel Dracula gave a modern impact to today's culture especially to horror genre. It is also refer Dracula as a Frankinstein of Stoker as the former has become more popular than it's creator.

You may find different versions of Dracula in comics, books, movies, games, and even in television (like Count von Count in Sesame Street). All of these were inspired from the legendary 'vampire-king'.

Before reading Twilight or other vampire novels (no offense to Twilight fans), It is recommended to read the first book where it all started.


The novel is told in a form of compiled memos, journals, phonograph entries, news articles, and logbooks of individual characters and groups. This lets the reader connect all the details despite having different entries

A lawyer named Jonathan Harker visits a mysterious client named Dracula in Transylvania for support on a purchased real estate in England. Despite of the warnings of the Townspeople, Jonathan still manages to arrive to the castle. At first he finds the castle a beautiful and comforting place which then turns into a nightmare. He discovers the evils within the castle and eventually finds out Dracula's true intentions.

Jonathan manages escape while Dracula also made his way to London. There the horror begins.

Together with his lover and friends, they try to track down Dracula in order to stop his evil plans.

Amazon Spotlight Personal Review


This is published under penguin classics. Abridged and some parts edited for easy understanding but still retains the originality of the novel.


Personal Review

my opinions...

Alright so here is my personal review. As much as possible I am going to make this spoiler free. I'm not a critic in reviewing book but here's what I have to say.

Aspects of horror was present in the book. In fact the first part seemed scary especially when most of the mysteries were not yet revealed. The novel was told in a dark manner (and most of the significant events happened at night anyway), showing unpredictable events that occur. Dracula's killing spree was quite creepy in the novel.

I just found the falling action and ending a little less horror. Or perhaps I was just expecting something epic similar to modern day portrayal of Dracula movies.

A lot of unfamiliar words (or the kind of words I don't use everyday like voluptious, wanton, bloofer ... a set new of words to learn huh? I just had to read it with a dictionary with me). Probably most are expressions used in early England but I can't blame them since the novel was written around 1897. Well speaking of cultures, I really found the old times different today. Perhaps I haven't read other old books before this. Some things that modern culture might not accept like men crying, or men crying with women, men telling stories about their lovelife giggling with other men... well you don't see that these days. But it's still good to read very interesting things in the past.

Overall the novel was still great and well written. I enjoyed the connection of events through the compilations. The setting was also good and well described. If you're into reading something dark and scary, you can try this.

Dracula Free Audio Book

Stories told

If you don't feel like reading, you can also listen to a free audio book of Dracula from librivox

Dracula in Librivox

Dracula's Guest and other Weird tales

They are all free and under public domain.

Film Versions of the Novel

Several film versions were made inspired from the novel

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Excellent choice. This is a book you cannot put down.

    • jethrosas profile image


      5 years ago from Philippines

      I think I agree with you that your writing style has improved. I guess, I should read this book also. Thanks for reviewing it. :)

    • maryLuu profile image


      6 years ago

      I love this story! Plus it did a lot of publicity to my country!

    • texan203 lm profile image

      texan203 lm 

      6 years ago

      nice lens


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