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Tieta do Agreste

Updated on April 13, 2016

To live well, we must first of all abolish consciousness.

These are the thoughts of “Tieta”. She returned to her hometown after twenty years of absence. Through this time she changed from a sexy young poor woman to a luxurious sexy lady. Her hometown on the other hand continued their easy living, without changes and progress. Santa do Agreste is a good place to die.

Living on a big city for so long made Tieta see the municipality of Santana do Agreste in a different way. In the 70’s, in the middle of Brazil’s northern desert without electric light and surrounded by christianity and boredom their citizens create news from each other and the routine became law.

Tieta arrives bringing to the common citizens the assurance that the progress exists outside the city border, more exactly 75 kilometers down the unpaved road. She feels sorry for those that seemed to have lost the last twenty years of their lives.

Her goal is to build a house that will serve as resting place for retirement. The construction occurs among long chats with old friends and family members, swimming in the ocean and having sex with her seventeen year old nephew. Her memories is always awaken by the beautiful Santa do Agreste shore called Mangue Seco. She remembers who she was, how her life of poverty and ignorance was.

Tieta tries not to get involved with the municipality life, but her daily actions are enough to grant acknowledgements and envy. By an surprising event Santa do Agreste has the chance to be part of Brazil’s progress. The only thing they have to do is to accept the pollution of Mangue Seco as collateral damage.

Tieta tries not to get involved, the progress is to big to be impeded. Her time in the city is close to complete, such as her house is almost done. All strings with her hometown are about to be detached for more twenty years os absence. All she has to do is go away, but it that possible?

Tieta do Agreste is a novel written by Jorge Amado and released on 1977.


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