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7 Mostly Positive Break up Quotes for Girls and Guys

Updated on August 23, 2015


However, I want to show you in the article that the experience is not the end of the world and you can really handle it.I always try to look at things from positive point of view and I want people to have hope even when there seems to be no hope. I believe that both quotes and my own ideas will help you to do that. The authors of most quotes are unknown, but I believe that they have gone through the same traumatic experiences and can speak with authority to all of us who undergo similar situations today.

The person that is meant for you

If a close person left you, it means he was not meant for you”.

I know that a lot of relationships can be brought back to life, but not all of them. In some cases it is even better to break up than continue trying to strengthen your ties with a person who seems to be close to you. Do not make an idol of anybody. You will only destroy your life by doing that. Maybe the person was not really meant for you. Maybe you took him/her and fought with all your might to keep him/her close to yourself. Let the person go if he/she wants to. Trust that the one that has been meant for you will not pass by and he/she will not. Don’t be bound by what happened. It is past and your life is now. Keep on moving on.

Forgiving and forgetting

In order to forget you have to forgive and to forget so that you could fall in love again”.

Forgetting is always the hard part. We are used to living, being together, talking and doing other things together with the person. However, alienation leads to break up and if it happened to you, it means you had become alienated. It is time now to forget and believe God can send you another person. I am not for divorce or break ups. However, I do believe that God is the God of “another opportunity” if you have made a mistake. Maybe you even did not make any mistakes. Maybe you were simply left alone and he/she went after another person.

Relationships are fragile

Relationships are as fragile as glass. It is sometimes better to leave them broken rather than cripple yourself by collecting their smithereens”.

It may not be a good rule for all instances, but it can work quite well in a lot of cases. I do not think that relationships cannot be healed. They can be. You can exercise your faith in order for that to happen. But if there has never been (or there has been very little) respect, love, kind words and other good things you would naturally expect in friendship, union, marriage I do not know if it is better to live in hell or split up. You decide that. I believe we can experience paradise in our relationships, and broken relationships can be healed, but if you have been living in “hell” type of relationships for years and still expect to something is going “somehow” to change, I doubt if you are expecting the right thing. Leaving a person can be a good opportunity for the person to sober up and evaluate what he/she has and what is really valuable in life.

Separation as a sign of strength

Not only staying together, but also breaking up can be a sign of strength”.

If everything is falling apart it takes strength for you to believe that things will come back to normal again. However, if one person is deliberately going in the direction that harms your relationship it is much better to split up. This may require much bigger strength on your part than continue staying together. If you are used to only saying “yes” and agreeing and never objecting to improper behavior this action may require big efforts on your behalf, but if one is abused, one has to learn how to say “no”, even if the person who is going to hear those words is a loved one.

Images we create

I am longing not for him, but his ideal that I had created”.

That is a major problem in most friendships and relationships. We do not talk with people that we talk to, but with the images of those people that we have created in our minds and imaginations. The real person might be absolutely different from the image that we have formed about him/her. Let us be real and allow people to be who they really are and not the people we imagine or want them to be.

I am smiling so that you think that I am happy, laughing so that you would not see me crying. I will allow you to leave with a smile on your face, even if I have to die for that”.

I think the person is being a little too much sacrificial here. Smile is a great thing, but you do not have to die for that. Let the person go as he/she wants to; smiling, laughing, being serious or any other way. You will not sacrifice yourself too long if the person is not responding to that. Being yourself and sacrificial kind of life should be in balance so that there could be harmony in communication, friendship, relationship and marriage.

Separation kindles love

Separation for love is the same as wind for fire: it quenches a small fire and fans a bigger one if it is big enough“ by A. Kuprin.

It might not be a good idea if the break up is final, but people genuinely love one another their love will only increase when they separate for some time. If the love has died it is good when separation happens sooner rather than later.

The end

I hope the quotations were useful and uplifting. I know that they probably will not solve emotional problems that a person faces after a break up, but merely give some guidelines on how to move on after the event and start regaining strength bit by bit. Whatever situation you are in believe that the best is yet to come and never give up. God bless you.


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