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One of My Loves

Updated on June 24, 2016

History in writing

I had first started writing when i was in the second grade. The assignment was to write a recipe for your favorite food (peanut butter and jelly sandwich). I would like to believe that my writing skills has grew since then, but sadly I stopped writing. These two poems was written back in 2010 and looking over them makes me wonder if I should start writing again. I remember I enjoyed writing because I can create my own world and maybe leave someone speechless. I have much more growing to do if I start creative writing again. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from people outside my social circle.

Broken Heart

Once is too many times

To have a heart broken

Always wondering who would be

The next to hurt it even more

Growing up an innocent little girl

Her father was the only one

Who made her world as bright

As the sliver moon

Outside the bedroom window

Who made the river stop flowing

From the mirrors that

Reflect her hopes and dreams

Who made everything seem less

Like a nightmare just by giving her

The most simple thing... a hug

But her world dims early with

The warm breeze after

A cold stormy winter

The first to leave the little girl's heart

Broken into pieces to make it

Difficult for anyone else to make

Whole once more

Now a strong young woman

She has a brick wall surrounding

What is left of her heart

Always covering the pain

She fills with a loving smile

And wonder if there is someone

Who can ever make her

Heart whole again

Who can ever make her world

Just as bright as that sliver moon

Who can ever make her feel that

She is no longer in the quicksand

That keeps her from showing who she is

But only when she lets the brick wall down

Someone can make her heart whole

As if all the pain has never been present

The Only One

Gazing into the mystical blue sky

Full of past adventures and dreams

There is only one pathway that stands out

One where the journey stands long and strong

Where the bond with others never unravel

Where the mind was full of knowledge

And where the heart stayed true to nature

This pathway was never misleading,

Untrustworthy and unimaginative

Yet this pathway was always full of

Guidance, love, kindness and hope

Never to leave a soul untouched

This pathway leaves behind a great legacy

For future generation to come

Past to Present

Healing from Past Memories

Well I was cleaning my room the other day I found a couple of short poems I wrote about my brother when I was in elementary school. It brought up some good and bad memories that I thought I buried a long time ago. I went through, so much as a little girl I guess writing and a few other things was used as a way to escape from the real world. Between the arguments my mother and father I over heard, my brother in and out of the hospital and all the secrets that was hidden from me, I did become somewhat of a strong woman. I hope to continue to grow even stronger and wiser. Even though he is not here with me physically he is here with me spiritually. Thank you Man-man

Childhood poems

I laugh and cry at the same time looking back at it


The shining stars make a cluster image of

children playing with a cheerful smile on their face.

When you see the star, it might make a cluster

image of your friends.

When I see the stars it makes an image of

my mom, dad, brother and friends.

My Brother

My brother is like a bird eating little bits of food.

He covers up in a warm nest to stay warm.

He's like a little sparrow in a driveway

looking for worms

Dedicated to Jack Jr.

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    • delaci i hender profile image

      delaci i hender 3 years ago

      @ArthurPrittNdub1: Happy to hear. Please spread the word about my poems, I'm really trying to get back into writing.

    • ArthurPrittNdub1 profile image

      ArthurPrittNdub1 3 years ago

      You have inspired me to also start writing poem. Writing works actually takes a person to a different world and i like the world of imagination