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broken mirrors

Updated on January 4, 2016

broken mirrors

Brittney Rene' CordellยทWednesday, December 9, 2015Drifting gently through the memories making. before the very eyes once to weary to see..tear stained misey inflames. the tenderness within me. a brutal assault on pride . a battle with reminds we can no longer hide. fragile feelings from a shattered,cold heart. mistaken metaphors are still lies from the start. your words fall upon deafening ears, now too numb to care. hide back tears, so your love can't prey on my fears. build up a wall, padding made of broken mirrors a heart of glass turns to dirt and way. but burned may melt back. a little thicker now, a little more resistant ti the past. for each little crack, each sliver if glass,tells tales of a love-sick tragedy. a warning etched to last. repetitious past regrets, repent , respect, relent . pain, pleasure, punishment. empty hallowing halls, silent in retrospect. none of the scars or cracks have held me back. tears may weaken the foundation of my heart but its that pain that protects my souls everlasting. spark. 11-7-15 ~ Britt


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