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Building Credibility as a Writer-Using your Own Voice to Write

Updated on December 26, 2013


A writer’s deep knowledge and confidence about the topic he or she discusses is always reflected in his manner of description or the way he expresses his thoughts on the topic. *The way you discuss your ideas even could make readers develop interest in the topic. They can always feel your presence as they read. When they read your materials they do not feel alone; they virtually get to spend time with you. And you sort of become the imaginary friend that they always love to spend time with and listen to. This leads to more people or readers subscribing to your contents.

Exude confidence in your description

*The more confident you sound in your article or discussion, the more readers also gain confidence in your ideas. If you do not have enough confidence in yourself whiles expressing your thoughts, you can’t expert readers to have confidence in your assertions. In converting your thoughts into words, you are actually sharing how you feel and think with readers. How you feel at the moment when you were writing, will therefore be reflected in your article. Readers can always sense the confidence of the writer through his choice of words and the way he or she goes about his discussion.

How to exude confidence in your description.

One of the ways to exude confidence in your discussions and transfer or impart that same feeling to your readers through your articles is to use make use of your own vocabularies one ones that you are familiar with. Making use of your own vocabularies and terminology in your discussions makes the article interesting and worth sharing to reader. You get to attach a personal touch to your articles and easily also build the required credibility as a professional writer.

Other advantages of using your own voice

The more confident you are as a writer in your ideas and the way you express them, the more creative you become. It enables you to come up with more words and ideas. Using vocabularies that you are familiar with also helps the writer to speak or sound like himself. Readers can always sense and feel the writer closer to them when he or she uses his own voice.

Using your own words brings about creativity

You are much more comfortable with the words and you can easily paraphrase and redefine them. You can even create more patterns of thought from words that you are already familiar with. You can create new and advance definitions as well to your vocabularies. The more familiar you are with the diction, the more creative you become in your description and this makes the writing more interesting to you as a writer. It also makes readers find your articles interesting or fun to read.

Gives your content a personal touch and exudes confidence

With your own vocabularies you can easily attach your signature to your content. It shows the writer’s level of confidence and deep knowledge he or she has pertaining to the topic. This enables you to describe your ideas uniquely in a way that no writer can. It helps you to own the idea itself. It shows your own and unique taste of expressing ideas. Using your own vocabularies goes a long way therefore to show your command over the topic and writing in general.

Advice to writers

Choose a diction that fits the reading levels of the readers as well as which you are very familiar with. When you familiar with usage of your vocabularies, you can confidently express your ideas and impart this feeling through your content to your reading audience. You can also come up with your own metaphoric statements that will bring ideas much closer to readers.

The Personal touch makes your article stand out from other related contents

There are lots of published ideas on the same topic that you write about. The only thing that can make yours stand out from the rest and hence gain your content more readership is always the personality attached to the content itself. This confident and lovable personality can be reflected in the article by the use of your own vocabularies or that which you are familiar with. By using your own vocabularies you can always make the reader sense confidence in your voice. It depicts creativity and your ability to be yourself and talk like yourself. Revealing the inner voice through your articles can help you gain more followers or subscribers. It shows your maturity in writing and your deep knowledge about the topic because you can describe the ideas in an advance way.

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