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Burning chili

Updated on May 17, 2014
My drawing placed on top of a blue paper.
My drawing placed on top of a blue paper. | Source
My drawing of Chili.
My drawing of Chili. | Source

By morning milk dew I wake.

I wake for the taste of milk rice.

Rice filled with the sweetness of milk.

Close to the taste of honey.

I mix my chili paste fire.

Burning chili…

I mix this strong fire in my plate.

Burning chili…

It gives a strong taste to my meal.

I lighten my heart with fire.

I start my day with milk and fire.

I will not get tired of hot chili taste in milk.

It gives the strength of milk.

Good strength for my day

Copyright(c) Shamela 4 / February / 2012


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