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Updated on September 13, 2009



silly of you to scream
this torture is only a dream
if you were really feeling pain
there would be tears to drain

sanity fades in the dark
you thought it'd be safe in the park
now it's catapulted me into action
as I slowly place you in traction

telepathic void that's your vision
much of your pain is my decision
scraping your bones clean of the gristle
all the while pursuing a cheerful whistle

slicing the sinewy meat from your bones
i savor the guttural sounds, the painful moans
you are just about boned and filleted
and your song, like dice, I've played

now as you sink into your final despair
you give out one last curse, one last swear
it's kinda funny to hear your retreat
after all, my lamb, your heart gives one last beat...


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