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Poem: But You Didn't

Updated on October 12, 2015

Dads, Do Not Undermine Your Children's Need For Your Love


"Why wait until tomorrow to tell someone you care?

For beyond the dawn tomorrow,

You may not find them there.

So there’s never a doubt

The best time is now my friend

To try to work things out." – Chat Harrison

The quotation above and the poem "BUT YOU DIDN'T" below best describe how sometimes we took for granted the people around us, our loved ones, our families, our friends, our relatives, those who are dear to us thinking that they will always there for us. And almost always, it is already too late before we realize how much they mean to us and when we do they are no longer around to hear how much we love and value them.

May this poem remind each and of everyone of us especially to all the Fathers to start demonstrating to your children and start showing to your loved ones how much you value them and how much they mean to you before it is too late .


I looked at you and smiled the other day

I thought you’d see me but you didn’t

I said “I love you, Papa” and waited for what you would say

I thought you’d hear but you didn’t

I ask you to attend our homeroom PTA

I thought you’d come but you didn’t.

I asked you to be home early to meet my friend,

I thought you’d surely be home but you didn’t

I asked for a new rubber shoes and jacket

I thought you’d grant my wish but you didn’t

I needed you just talk to my thoughts to share

I thought you’d want to but you didn’t.

I asked you to share my youth with me

I thought you’d want to but you couldn’t

Our country called me to war,

You asked me to come home safely, But I didn’t.

POEM LESSON : Don't Wait For Tomorrow To Tell Your Children How Much You Appreciate And Love Them-Tomorrow Might Be Too Late!

Glorgeousmom's Note:

Have you shown some love to your children today? How do you express your love to your children as a father? As a mother?


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  • Happyboomernurse profile image

    Gail Sobotkin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    Wow, this was a heartwrenching poem, especially the ending.

    Sad, and all too true for too many fathers and sons. Hopefully those reading it will be moved to pay greater attention to their loved ones. Time is prescious and we never know when our time will be up.

  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    Wow, the last line gave me chills. Reminds me of the song "The Cat's in the Cradle." Lovely poem and so true. Voted up and all the way across. Way to go!