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Can't Wait to Get To Heaven By Fannie Flagg

Updated on July 15, 2014

A great Fannie Flagg book.

Are you a fan of Fannie like I am? If so, you will love Cant Wait to Get to Heaven. I recently checked it out of our library on a whim. During the summer, I like to take my son into the library every two weeks. I was in there wandering around and happened to spot a section of Fannie Flagg books. Jackpot! I needed some good summer reading, and a schedule imposed upon me (i.e. return date) to get it done. Read on to find out what I liked best about the book.

Buy the Book. - Do I recommend it?

Do I recommend it? You bet. If you like southern fiction, you will like this book. The description of Heaven was a new concept to me. I commented to the librarian that it was an interesting take on it, and that I was surprised Fannie Flagg “went there” and tried to put forth an idea of what Heaven is like. Her comment was a good one. She asked me, “I suppose she has as much right to describe it as you or I do. And who’s to say it’s not accurate?” Well, I’m a Bible-believing Christian, and the Bible does have a few things to say about Heaven. But I didn’t see much in Fannie Flagg’s idea that would contradict that. In fact, the idea of a Trinity was even present at one point. I wasn’t offended, and I would recommend this as a light, easy, good southern book.

The Plot

Or a taste of it, at least.

I won’t give it all away, so you can enjoy it for yourself. But I will tell you the premise. An elderly lady named Elner Shimfissle is afraid of very little, and bound and determined to remain independent and active. In spite of her worrywart niece’s warnings, she climbs a ladder to pick figs in her yard. By a strange twist of events, she falls to her death.

Her very caring and concerned family and friends are devastated and spring into action to give her the proper send-off. What happens next? I won’t give it away! But those family and friends are in for the shock of their lives.

And then comes the question . . . did she go to Heaven, or not?

The characters

The characters are the best part of the book, in my humble opinion. Elner is fiesty. Her niece Norma is worried about everything all the time and thinks about things entirely too much. Only 16 pages into the book, Norma goes to her garage to retrieve Aunt Elner’s important insurance papers to take to the hospital. Fannie describes, in detail, Norma’s earthquake survival kit. There are not many earthquakes in their part of the country to speak of, but Norma has deemed it a good idea to have a survival kit, should one ever occur. The items are listed. At first, there are things that one would expect, like cans of chili and a first aid kit. Toward the end, though, the list begins slipping into the ridiculous with a jar of Merle Norman cold cream, and finally tops off with an extra pair of earrings. I laughed out loud when I read this! And so it continues, with Norma being mortified about Aunt Elner’s threadbare brown robe, and overthinking things.

Fannie tends to do that thing we writers call "head hopping," or changing the point of view within a chapter (or even a paragraph). But somehow, she gets away with it and never loses the reader.

I'm a southern author, too... - But not as famous as Fannie yet!

If you like southern fiction, please give my collection of short stories a try!

Are you a fan of Fannie?

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    • tedwritesstuff24 profile image


      6 years ago

      LOL.. Oh I can wait.. I'm having too much fun here ;-) I'd never heard of Fannie (great name..) Flagg.. might be a good read for my young niece!


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