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Carciphona Character List

Updated on October 19, 2014

Main Characters

Veloce Visrin "Fina"

A witch who was banished by the king at a time when magic became forbidden. Her family caries the hereditary curse of being infected by demon spirits, thus making her a carciphona.

She is very distant at times because she is used to being treated badly, but also has a very strong and strait forward manner due to her lack of care for her own wellbeing. Despite her strong magic powers, she prefers to fight with a sword.

Kirtzel Edelez "Keri"

An upper class child living in Kronzel. He strongly believes that everyone has good in them and questions the actions of the government. In his willingness to help Veloce escape her unfair treatment he funds a journey to Arenscura and continues to travel with her. He seems to have a hidden sense for magic.


She is Keri's energetic childhood friend. Her pampered life makers her a little selfish. She insists on a certain level of comfort and treatment that her status grants her, but she respects Kirtzel's desire to help others and she means well.

Sometimes her spontinutity and stubbornness get the group into trouble and at other times she stumbles on important information. Thought she doesn't care that much for Veloce, she has a crush on Keri and will follow him almost anywhere.


Enfelid (cat beast)

He has spent most of his life as a thief. Although beast humans have an affinity for magic, he himself lacks the ability to use such powers. Instead he makes good use of his ability to quickly transform from human to cat in order to surprise enemies.


The King of Kronzel

He is a very strict person. With the responsibility of the kingdom of Kronzel on his shoulders, he has made the brutal choice of killing Veloce if her magic is discovered in order to protect a peace treaty.

Advisor Meron Lantgres

Enfelid (cat beast)

As a child she leaned free form magic with Veloce, but their friendship ended when she told the king about their teacher Vocruen which forced him to leave.

She is now the king's advisor and general. Though she is ordered to hunt down Veloce, she does so only to warn her and ask for forgiveness.

Sangyun Rae

Lord of Arenscura

He is a very humorous ruler who does not seem to take his job seriously. Despire known that General Des is abusing his power, he has allowed Des to learn of his own mistakes by letting things go. He holds no particular grade against Veloce's mother and is good friends with Weirin.

General Des

Encanid (dog beast)

When his tribe was attacked he went to the enfelid clan for help, but was turned away. He is now in charge of taming the thieving cat folk and has been abusing his position of authority to take vengeance on the enfield tribe.

Rosien Keur

King Rae's advisor. She does not approve of Rae's habit of letting important problems solve themselves and is often the deliverer of bad news.

Other Beast Humans

Chief Kasga

Enfelid (cat beast)

Meron's father. A proud leader who is willing to sacrifice himself for his people. He allows Lord Rae to lock him up in exchange for the safety of his people who have been turned into thieves since their sacred book that connected them to their goddess was stolen.

Enfelid (cat beast)

Meron's mother. Thought she has turned into one of the rebel thieves, she is very proud of her daughter Meron and does not want her daughter to be involved with the troubles of their tribe.

Magic Users

Black Bird

An assassin working for Kathryn. She is well known for killing skilled magicians. Her success as an assassin is due mainly to an item that allows her to cancel out magic. She makes multiple false attempts on Veloce's life, but does not seriously want to kill her.


The man who raised Veloce when she was a child. For unknown reasons he was forced to leave when the king discovered him.



Verin's mother. She was a hugely skilled magic user who could easily turn the tide of a battle.

Unfortunately, she became hated because she sided with multiple countries during the war.


Black Bird has taken care of her from a young age and promised to protect her. For unknown reasons, she sees Veloce as a danger and orders Black Bird to kill her.

Immortal Creatures


God of the Mortal Realms

She created the beast humans and left the immortal realm to look after them. When her book of magic is stolen she is corrupted by evil. Veloce and her friends were forced to eliminated her.


For unknown reasons, this fairy is kidnaping children infected by demons.


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