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Cartoon Characters From The Sixties

Updated on July 2, 2018

Comics Or Moving Picures?

A comic book a day keeps those tears and fears away! The delightful comics of yesteryear have always been and always will be a great source of entertainment to both young and old.

These comics bring back that "yesterday once more" feeling," what videos or moving pictures will never be able to recreate!

The much sought after video of today tends to generate boredom after continuous viewing and exposure for long periods of time.

The video, or DVD which is the present day's version of moving pictures, may entertain up to a point only and once you reach that habit forming stage, the interest level drops.

These Cartoon Characters Can Take You Right Back!

Grab a comic book and check out those cartoon characters of yesteryear!
Grab a comic book and check out those cartoon characters of yesteryear!

It's Yesterday Once More!

However, comics will always continue to entertain. The magic is often in the skill of the artist. The ideas expressed by those subtle expressions of the characters in a comic book is something a video will never succeed in conveying.

Comics are well accepted by almost everyone of any age group. He who had not read comics in his childhood, has certainly missed a valuable part in his education.

A comic book a day was a must for all school-goers in the late sixties. Exchanging comic books were very common amongst school kids.

Mickey, Donald, Bugs, And Company ...

During my school days, there were kiosks all over the city selling comics. Every newsstand sold the latest releases of the more popular cartoon characters.

The cartoon characters of yesterday, which brought joy to many of us in our childhood can be discussed even today in almost any congregation, since it is very rare to find someone who has not heard of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and company.

Very rarely has anyone who has been a kid in the sixties or seventies missed out getting acquainted with these wonderful cartoon characters.

Scrooge And Gyro

Uncle Scrooge, or Scrooge McDuck, as he was oficially known, was the richest duck in the world.

His swimming pool is filled with currency notes, and he needs a "swim" each and every day just to maintain his mood.

Apart from the daily assurance of the safety of his money, his varying moods drive him often to his trusted friend Gyro Gearloose, Gyro the genius, was an inventor.

Other ducks are in awe that Gyro is highly qualified and has more degrees than a thermometer!

Bugs With Elmer

The carrot-eating mischievous Bugs was always up to some trick with the intention of annoying his peer, the baldheaded Elmer Fudd. Elmer always had a gun handy to shoot Bugs.

His policy was to shoot on sight, but he acted with restraint almost always. He wanted a good excuse to fire.

Whenever he found that excuse, he fired ... and missed!

Tom, Jerry, Sylvester, And Tweety

Tom and Jerry were arch rivals where Tom's quest to catch Jerry the mouse always resulted in total failure.

Oh! What risks these cats would take to catch a mouse! What torture and humiliation these cats undergo when there is a mouse in sight!

Sylvester, Toms cousin, unconfirmed of course, had a bird as his target ... Tweety! Tweety bird successfully dodges "puddy-tat" Tom, and in the process even gets Tom reprimanded by the lady of the house.

Wile E Coyote And Those Spooks

Strangely enough there had never been a cat in Mickey Mouse's life. No one pursued him. He just got involved in small interesting incidents with other characters and never faced any real danger at all quite unlike Jerry and Tweety.

The stories which involved Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Uncle Scrooge always were void of any dangerous situations, enabling them to live happily ever after until the next comic book gets printed.

LOL! Memories of that highly anti-social character Wile E Coyote ... He hated visitors. On the door of his cave were several signs designed to discourage visitors.

Some of the signs read "no entry," "do not disturb," "I am NOT in," ... there was even an arrow fixed to his door, pointing in the direction away from his door, on to which a sign was attached saying "I went that way!"

Some lesser known characters were Casper the friendly ghost, The Ghostly Trio, Spooky the "tuff" little ghost, and HotStuff the tough little devil. Casper, being a good guy , always had a happy ending to his stories, whereas, hotstuff, spooky and the ghostly trio always ended up losers at the end of each tale, just like Tom, Sylvester, and Wile E Coyote.

The Ghostly Trio and Spooky had some common interests. They were always on the lookout for abandoned houses to haunt. When they find one, they move in and wait.

They wait for unsuspecting temporary lodgers whom they could scare! It is so hilarious when they always end up scaring one another due to poor co-ordination in their strategies!

How can we ever forget that spinach powered sailor whose elegant and unusually slim girl friend Olive Oyl, who faces danger with every step she takes either forward or backwards, appropriately enough a reason to expend that spinach powered energy of her boyfriend Popeye!

There were many more of these cartoon characters at that time which actually generated much interest even amongst adults.

Any day I would gladly settle for a comic book featuring these characters than watch a video of them!

Each frame in a comic strip generates a special kind of interest which a video fails to do, probably because of the continuity in a video which creates a "drag" effect.

Comics of all these popular cartoon characters of yesteryear are available in many languages all over the world.

For those of us who have a collection of, or access to comics of these famous characters, it's yesterday once more any time any day!

If you find your favorite cartoon character of yesteryear left out here please leave a remark in the comments box below.

Thank you for reading this article!

... concluded

© 2008 quicksand


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      She says they are her favorite because its her OPINION.

    • profile image

      Stephen Rhodes Treadwell 

      6 years ago

      Proud Mom says her favorite cartoons were Road Runner cartoons. Why would they be someone's favorite? They're so repetitive, predictable & weird. They never have much of a story behind them.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Beats me too as to why you gave away those comics. But, despair not! Archie comics are available in all leading bookstores all over the world!

    • BeatsMe profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow. You do know your cartoon characters. Now I regret having to give away my Archie comics to my nieces. I only have you to thank for that. :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Does anyone know how comics emerged ? I mean who figured out caricatures,animation,cartooning ? is there any documented history ?

      Phew, salute to the folks who actually did

      What a sad world it would be without comics

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for pointing that out, Stephen RT. :)

    • profile image

      Stephen Rhodes Treadwell 

      8 years ago

      It says above that Tom from Tom and Jerry ALWAYS ended up a loser. Not so! He usually did but there was many an exception. For instance he sometimes defeated Jerry, such as in The Vanishing Duck, sometimes they both won, like in Triplet Trouble, & sometimes they both lost like in Safety Second. The fact that Tom didn't always lose is, in my opinion, the big reason Tom and Jerry's much better than Road Runner or Tweety & Sylvester.

    • profile image

      Stephen Rhodes Treadwell 

      8 years ago

      I don't care what anyone says, Sylvester from Tweety and Sylvester is definitely not adorable. He's quite unpleasant looking & not the least bit cute.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Hi Earnest,

      I can safely say that I have picked up a lot of general knowledge, from the comics that I have read in my childhood.

      thanks for your visit! :)

    • earnestshub profile image


      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I watched the videos and got a good laugh out of them. I am off now to see your Asterix hub. My son has got the whole series up to the last one illustrated by the original artist, and some beyond. What a marvelous comic.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 

      9 years ago


      I am not sure how many times he appeared with Bugs, but the ones that I saw were good.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for your visit, Issues Veritas. Now that you've mentioned Yosemite Sam, I remember him. He probably did not appear often along with Bugs.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 

      9 years ago

      I rented most of these on Netflix and they were great.

      I notice that you didn't mention Yosemite Sam, he and Bugs were funny.

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 

      9 years ago from Hong Kong

      Thanks for the touch of nostalgia.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Hi Patrick, thanks for visiting my hub page.

    • hipattrick profile image


      9 years ago

      I love all these toon characters. They are so lovable and so fun to watch. Populat with all the age groups.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for reminding me of Archie and Jughead, of Veronica and the rest. There was a band called the Archies in the sixties.

      Thank you for your visit and your remarks, Proud Mom. :)

    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 

      9 years ago from USA

      Oh, the comic books!!  Archie was my favorite in print form!  We watched Casper, Mickey, Donald on TV, but the best was Roadrunner and Wile E.  I can't find them nowadays. 

      My son is addicted to Tom and Jerry.  I bought a DVD full of WB cartoons that had the big chicken and bugs on the front, but alas, they were in none of the cartoons!! 

      What great times spent with the Acme mail order company. 

      Did anyone ever watch the Smurfs?  

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for visiting my page, The Old Firm, and thanks for your comment. :)

    • The Old Firm profile image

      The Old Firm 

      9 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

      I learned my first trig' from Huey, Dewey and Louie as Junior Woodchucks, and my liking for mad inventions from Gyro. Thanks for the memory.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      SiddSingh and needful things, thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. :) :)

    • needful things profile image

      needful things 

      9 years ago from Poland

      I remember not going to school just to watch ducktales!!!

    • SiddSingh profile image


      9 years ago

      I love to watch Tom and Jerry. And Donald Duck with his three cousins! Brings out the child inside you!

      Great hub!

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      My favorite is Wile E Coyote!

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 

      10 years ago

      Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny are some of my favorite cartoon characters along with Tweety bird. LOL


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