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How to Make Money Writing Poems(or Articles) Online

Updated on March 4, 2017

So, you're probably a motivated person with a talent and passion for poetry. You're probably also looking for ways to put your talent to use by making some extra cash. Of course, since you're clearly not well-known, you don't expect anything substantial. It's the internet, there must be some way. Well I'll be blunt, as a poet it is pretty hard to difficult to make money online. But there are a few sites that may just help you on your way. These sites not only offer payment(mostly through Paypal) but(most) also offer the possibility of your work getting published to various degrees. Let's Begin.

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Triond Logo
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Sites To Submit Your Writing

1. Triond



These sites allow you to express yourself through any form of writing be it poems, articles or otherwise about any subject. Both also allow you to make money from the content you submit as well as give accolades or "trophies" to show your progress. Most important both these sites are extremely popular among internet users. This is important because the money you make it pretty much decided by how much views your content gets(pay-per-view). However, there are some major differences.

  • Triond and Hubpages both "filter" your work meaning you have to wait a while before your articles are published. The wait may be a day or two maximum but Triond seems to have a bit less wait time.
  • Triond allows you to request payment when you have made$0.50 while at Hubpages it $50.00; substantial difference. They money generated from your content is shared 50/50(percent) on Triond while it is 60/40 in favour of the writer on Hubpages. That 10% just may add up.
  • Triond, however, is simpler to start off with and use and seems more lending to poets. Hubpages can be intimidating for first-time users and takes some time getting used to
  • Between the two, however, Hubpages seems to be more popular among internet users which may just mean more visitors to your site and more money.

It really is up to you which to choose.


2. Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Contest

This one is a bit of an odd one. This site is really(as you could read) a free worldwide poetry contest hosted by Blue Mountain Arts. That being said it offers extremely high prize money(1st prize: $300 2nd prize: $150 3rd prize: $50). It is a biannual competition that accepts entries at any time during the year with deadlines at the middle and end of the years. Complete freedom is allowed in submitted pieces pertaining to their subject. You may enter the competition as may times as you like, i.e., submit how many pieces you want. While this can be an opportunity to make a god bit of cash in a short space of time the competition only runs twice a year and only the top three poems get anything. A bit more than somewhat disappointing. Not to mention the site interface is a bit crude.


3. Poetry Foundation

This is really a site that allows submissions for a place in the magazine of Poetry Foundation. This site allows submission of poems uploaded through files from a text editor, these being Microsoft Word (.doc file), Windows Notepad(.txt file) etc. You can submit up to four poems in the file that should not exceed ten(10) pages(that would apply to a .txt file since Notepad doesn't have page breaks). The way the site works is it allows you to submit poems to them which they would check and if they like it you would get paid at the rate of $10 per line (with a minimum payment of $300), and $150 per page of prose, for first serial rights. All rights will revert to the author upon publication. All works must be in English or translations of English and do not accept previously published material. NB. Once you submit a file containing your (original)word you cannot submit another file until you receive feedback on your work. So be sure to make use of the limit of four poems before you decide to submit. Be sure to include all writer contact info on the first page of the submitted file.


4. MoonTowncafe

This site allows poets or songwriters to write content that is reviewed by a community of writers. This site is mainly used for new writers to gain exposure and possibly get published. The only way to gain money directly through this site is by subscribing to their free contests which offer cash prizes.


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