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Illustrated Cat Tales for Children

Updated on May 31, 2015

A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats

Cat stories can be very appealing and never more so than when they have been written for children, because then the authors have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and the cats can be whoever and whatever they want them to be. In the story A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats Laura Graham has done exactly that as she introduces us to Rosetta and Julie and turns them into the 'Dancing, Talking Cats of Tuscany'.

She has clearly drawn on her own life experiences in conjuring up this magical story of cats getting into all sorts of mischief . A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats is the first in a series of books involving our two feline heroines. Rosetta was a feral kitten rescued from the woods and Julie was a domestic cat, abandoned by her previous owners, before being rescued by their English mama and Italian babbo (father).

In the first story the cats learn to speak English, they can dance and they become the subjects for their Italian father's paintings. Rosetta is very grand and believes herself to be a very special cat that can do no wrong and always knows best. Julie on the other hand is just very grateful to have been rescued from the streets of their hilltop, Italian village in Tuscany where they live. But Julie does adore Rosetta, so when Rosetta tells Julie what to do, she does it. Often against her better judgement.

That is when the fun starts, Rosetta knows all sorts of cat games to play and drags poor Julie into trouble time and again with comical results. Here is a little sample from the book:

Rosetta Had Her Own Mind

Rosetta is a ginger cat who loves to chat

About this and that.

She once had eyes of blue

Which turned bright yellow

It's ab-so-lutely true.

Rosetta put her paws over her ears. She was beginning to understand English words now and she'd never heard anything so stupid. "Come on, Rosetta, come and play with the ball..."

Best to ignore her. Pretend she couldn't understand. She was a feral cat - wild like the babbo said - and wild Italian cats didn't play with balls, or speak English.

A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats - The Dancing, Talking Cats from Tuscany

A delightful story of two cats rescued in Italy by their English mama, the story was written for children but will have a universal appeal to any cat lover that understands the games cats play as they run rings around their owners.

A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats
A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats

A children's cat story that any cat lover will enjoy reading. This is the first in the series of the Talking, Dancing Cats


Someone will take her in,” her mistress had said. She’s so pretty, she’ll soon find another home

Tuscan Cats Get Into Mischief - The Cats Go On a Summer Holiday

Cat Stories from Laura Graham
Cat Stories from Laura Graham

The second in the series of dancing talking cats is Tuscan Cats Get Into Mischief. This time the cats go on holiday in the Italian countryside and catch the attention of a male Tomcat called Spiritino who lives on a nearby farm.

The cats really do get into mischief when Spiritino introduces them to drinking wine and making merry. There is definitely a more adult theme to this story, more so than the first book in the series, but only because the antics the cats get up to are a little more adult in nature. It still works for children while at the same time increasing its appeal to adults of the cat loving fraternity. Both books are very well written and it is clear that anyone that has owned a cat will recognize, not only the antics they get up to, but will also be able to imagine the thoughts the cats might be having.

Laura herself is a cat lover and has always owned cats, so she clearly has a connection with them and has done what many cat owners would like to do. She has given them a voice and means of communicating. Obviously it is her imagination that has provided that voice and those thought processes, but you can't help but think that she has probably got it right. Cats are by their nature mischievous and they also have a grandeur that dogs don't seem to share. If you have ever owned a cat you know that they do what they want and any time they give you is on their terms and according to their rules. They are much more independent than dogs for example and tend to be able to take care of themselves a little more.

Talking, Dancing Cats - The Tuscan Cats Go On A Summer Holiday

Tuscan Cats Get into Mischief
Tuscan Cats Get into Mischief

The second in the series of the Dancing, Talking Cats from Tuscany describes their summer vacation and their encounter with the male Lothario Spiritino a tomcat from the local farm.


Illustrated Children's Stories - The Talking, Dancing Cats of Tuscany

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