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Nintendo Entertainment System- Best Video Game Console

Updated on August 4, 2014

Nintendo Entertainment System, Original 8 Bit

Nintendo Entertainment System, Original 8 Bit
Nintendo Entertainment System, Original 8 Bit | Source

Which Gaming System is the Best Ever?

Video games are fun, and there's no question that we Gen Yers have heartily embraced the at-home console. After all, we're the first to have grown up with it. Not to say that it hasn't been embraced by all at this point; just look at the rise in Wii activities in nursing homes and downloads of cell phone games. As Brad Paisley so neatly put it in his song, "Welcome To The Future": "I used to have to get a ride down to the Arcade... Now I've got it on my phone". But when you look at how we got here, one thing is sure: There still is nothing like the original Nintendo.

New Consoles Are Great, But...

Yes, each new console gets more complicated and advanced, with better graphics, harder levels, online connections with players around the world, and a host of new games that put you right inside the action. Thanks to Wii et al, with cameras and motion sensors, gamers don't even have to have inflamed tendons in their thumbs anymore and can even get some exercise playing video games! Anyone who has experienced, seen or heard of the lines of campers waiting for stores to open or the run-away online bids for new at-home systems has some idea of how fun these can be.

NES Is the Most Fun Ever

Despite it all, there is still no substitute for a little soda and ice cream and pulling out the old NES. Playing Super Mario Brothers, I remember all the level-warping, bonus coins, hidden Free Life mushrooms (the ones with green dots instead of red) and the super jumps that I spent hours and hours of my childhood with my sister and friends, diligently figuring out. And if you want to talk games, NES Zelda was the bane of my existence right around age 12, when I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get out of the cave with that pesky Ocarina of Time. My mom even got involved, playing our character guys and using our life hearts, then setting up her own character... To help us out without killing off our guys, of course.

2D Games Are Still a Challenge

The proverbial Grand-daddy of NES games, of course, is Ms. Pac-Man. Personally, I waited years to get a hold of my own copy. The 2D dot-munching game, that we played in arcade form at the Boys and Girls club religiously, was made even better by Nintendo: You could get more lives, new levels, and choose your difficulty-- though if you were anyone in Gaming Land, you would never be caught playing on "easy", even in your room by yourself. Best of all, though you could play two players at once , maximizing your level-upping abilities or, if you were really confident, out-competing your friend in a two-player cutthroat dot-stealing frenzy.

Still Play the Classics?

What Classic Game Consoles Do YOU Still Play?

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Always a Place for NES, Even While Technology Advances

There are so many other stellar games that I still have and still play. For parties, just like sleepovers when I was little, the NES is on-line, and just as much or more so than my PS4 (yes, I've kept up with the times, in case you were wondering). When we play NES now, just like when we were littler, there is always laughing, jokes, frustration, and of course there are a hundred stories of playing these classic old games when we were kids. Who can't relate to the rainy summer afternoon when you broke Level 8 or the time you finally beat the kid down the block? For all the dinosaur-aged graphics and the 2D levels, NES was and still is somehow so difficult and surprisingly fun. Despite the consoles today that are light-years ahead, it still has all the allure now that it did when it was new.

There is just nothing else like NES.


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