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cause and efffect

Updated on September 13, 2013

cause and effect


Topic sentence: There are many reasons why we laugh

First cause: Comedy movies

Details: That one scene where the actor said a funny joke or the actor fell in a funny way.

Second cause: Stand-up comedy

Details: The funny experience a comedian says or does

Third cause: A joke a friend or family member tells you an inside joke only you would get

Concluding sentence: Laughter can always make you feel good.


Topic sentence: Overeating has made me gain 20 pounds

First effect: High cholesterol

Details: I am always eating either candy or ordering take-out.

Second effect: Laziness

Details: I set my schedule to exercise, but I get lazy and give up

Third effect: Sleeping too much

Details: Every time I eat big meals, I fall asleep.

Concluding sentence: In order to lose weight, I need to change my dietary needs.


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