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change est vita illic est haud fortuna tamen quis nos planto factum est key

Updated on August 29, 2009

change is life

From the day you are born,the minute you are delivered to this world,the second the doctor slaps you on the bottom,you are changing.Change is life.Life is broken down into phases.from the moment we start we are being prepared to live and to die.first we crawl and later we stumble and fall until we learn how to walk.we goo goo gaa gaa and make crazy baby sounds before we speak those first words. for most of us those words are momma or daddy,(my cousins first words was Godzilla,believe it or not!)Life is a constant learning experience,from the first time we are introduced to faith we are being prepared for the ultimate change,the after-life,or for lack of a better word Death.We are given basic instructions before leaving earth to make the ultimate change easier.Life is a constant change,we are prepared in pre-school for elementary school,from elementary school its middle school,from middle school,its high school,from high school its college,from college its career marriage,kids,family,constantly learning and changing along the way.Our High School personality will not be our college personality,that's because we change,the things that we use to enjoy we might not enjoy now.The people we use to hang out with might not be the friends we hang out with now.Change is the one thing in life that's guaranteed to remain the same in life.

a change in me.

Change cannot be resisted,when change is resisted chaos takes over.I learned this over the last three or four years of my life,I watched my world completely unravel,as my livelihood,my way of earning a living,my career,flew over seas like a flock of jumbo jets,never to return.As my income fell from 40,000 a year to 30,000,and eventually to 25,000 my life had descended into economic chaos because I couldn't except the fact that things have changed.I blindly searched and applied for the same type of jobs that I was use to doing when those jobs was gone and the ones that I could find, was on their way overseas with the rest of them.The world had changed right before my eyes,and at the time,I didn't know it.As I pondered the situation I was in I came to the realisation that in order to survive in this world of constant change I would have to change with it.To be secure in this new and exciting world of constant economic change well,instead of being blindsided by change,I will master it.I will ride the wave of change and create change as I go along.You can't stop change but you can manage,and guide it,to create a better secure life for you and yours.

there is no fate but what we make powerful word.I have often wondered what my destiny was.what was I destined to do.I use to have deep thoughts about what and who I was destined to become.I use to think that this thing called life was pre-determined,that somehow it was all planned out,and somehow I would make it to where I was supposed to be.For you life may be pre-determined,but for me there is no fate but what I make.My destiny is mine to shape.My destination is where I point the car.No one can do it for my destiny is in my hands and I have to make it happen.Remember this look it up if you want."God only helps those that help themselves."and one more "take one step towards me and I'll take Two towards you."what does that mean?It means you have to make your own one is going to make it for powerful word.even a little bit intimidating,here's my take on destiny,it's your choices,and decisions.One of the most important questions that people never ask themselves is "what is my destiny?"Choose what you want to do with your life,Decide to become what you will become.commit to the journey.believe.and take massive action towards your destiny and your destiny will manifest.but you have to manifest your own destiny.Either way it goes your destiny will be manifested whether you take control of it,or you let some-one else decide for you,or you just scrape by your destiny will come and it will be your creation,a reflection upon your life,because your destiny is up to you.the ball is in your hands,you can fumble at the one yard line are you can throw a hail Mary and score a touch down.your destiny is in your hands.

action is the key

Two men,both go to the same bar after work on fri-days,both work at the same jobs,both live in the same neighborhood,they even have the same car.One man enters the bar and gets to know every body in the bar and is the life of the party.has plenty of friends,and has a very good dating life.Life is good.The other man,hovers around the bar sticks to the pool table and never really takes the time to mingle.He has a couple of friends,but his dating life could be better.For both of these men its the same story week after week,one is happy and the other wishes he could have more fun.The only difference between these two men and the life and the results that they receive ,is the actions they take.One is not afraid to go out and get in the middle of the crowd and have a good time so he has more friends,goes on more dates,and lives a happier life because he goes after what he wants,he takes ACTION.The other fellow well, he would like to let loose and blend in with the crowd,he would like to go on more dates,but he just can't bring himself to do it.And so he is not as satisfied with the results he is getting,but at the same time he can't bring himself to take action to make the situation better.never even realizing that even when you take no action,you are still taking action.ACTION is the key to manifesting the life and things you want and need in this world.If you are thirsty get up and go get a drink of water,if not you will remain thirsty.Plain and simple.If you want to do something do it.Take Action.move towards the things you want.If you see someone that you want to get to know walk over and introduce yourself.Action is the way to prosperity,if you have a business that you have always wanted to start on the inside of you,then go for it.start planning and start searching for way to make your vision real.Action is the way.


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      why thank you Andrew that means I'll have to study a little harder so my latin doesn't suck.

    • profile image

      Andrew 8 years ago

      Your Latin sucks.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      change is life there's no fate but what we make action is the key is the title I just thought it would look cooler in latin.

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Bill yon, great hub. How did you come up with that title?