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change for a child can be hard

Updated on February 10, 2012

change for a child can be hard

Change can be hard.

If I need a wee or if I need a poo,

I’m not totally sure of what I have to do.

Uncomfortable in what you call knickers

Encouraged with my favorite reward stickers,

I’m only two I think nearly three

And it’s a little scary and all new to me.

Accidents happen and I tend to cry

But I’m told its okay as long as I try

A big change I don’t fully understand,

You help me thru and hold my hand.

I will keep trying though it could take a while

Because when I get it right I get your smile.


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    • lilmiss87 profile image

      Danielle wright 6 years ago from rochdale lancs uk

      thank you for your comment and the time you took to read it

    • minakay profile image

      The Rev. Kelechi Timothy Francis 6 years ago from Rivers State, Nigeria

      I let out a big whoop of joy (in my heart) when I read this. Thanks.

    • Melchius profile image

      Melchius 6 years ago from Norfolk, England

      Nice one. I'm picturing my grandson here. He's two. Nice rhythm to this.