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Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life?

Updated on November 12, 2014

Not a course in penmanship

This page is not about how to make your handwriting prettier or more acceptable or how to do calligraphy or become a graphologist it is about changing your handwriting style to enhance your life.

How does that work?

Well, right now, I'm not sure. I'm about to embark on a 40 day program to find out. "Transform Your Life Through Handwriting" arrived yesterday and this page is going to be an ongoing review of whether it works or not.

Why now?

I've never been happy with my handwriting. I changed it a long time ago, deciding I wanted to write like my mother. I'm pretty sure that a graphologist or psychologist would say that imitating my mother's or anyone's writing was not a good idea. I do a lot, and I mean a huge amount of journaling and art journaling, and I would love my writing to look good on the page. If I can do that and improve my life in the process, then that's gotta be good. Right?

Photo courtesy of benleto under the Creative Commons licence.

© This page was created by TheRaggedEdge. All rights reserved.

Day one - listening to the CDs

A quick scan of the guidebook which is included in the kit tells me the first thing to do is to go and fill a page in the journal (also included) with anything. In fact, it commands the reader to do so before going any farther. So I do. Then it says, "With that writing in front of you, listen to the CDs.

The course creator, Vimala Rodgers insists that the material is not 'New Age' but one of the things the reader is told to do is to keep the course material in a 'sacred space'. Distinctly New Agey, I'd say, Ms Rodgers. However, I'm not one to give up because of a slight disagreement in definition... and anyway, who am I to talk? I read tarot and listen to a bunch of dead guys.

The audio material goes through each letter of the alphabet, not in order but in 'families'. It's well presented by the author and easy enough to follow along, while practicing a few letters by copying them from the cards, which form part of the kit.

At this stage, my gripe is that the CD mentions the guidebook 'that you've already read', whereas the guidebook exhorted me to listen to the CDs first. I am easily confused. Also the CD says to choose one letter to practice for 40 days plus another letter per day but no more than three letters a day. The guidebook says only two letters. More confusion. Perhaps I should start over?

I discover that each letter is assigned an element, a gender, a gemstone, an animal and a guardian protector. Now being the pragmatic sorta woman I am, I can't help feeling that we are already in fluffy-bunny realm.... more tomorrow.

Image is a scan of one of my journal pages

Day two - changing your handwriting is not easy!

It feels like torture - and looks like it too! My writing is horrible and I'm having trouble remembering how to form the letters so keep having to stop to check. My right-facing lean is still very apparent despite attempts to make my handwriting stand up straight. I don't know if I'll be able to keep this going.

My first randomly selected letter is 'V'. According to Vimala Rodgers, V = Spiritual Discernment. The 'soul quality' of this letter is "I make all my choices attentively, always for the highest good." Well, I'm all for that... in daily life as well as spiritually. I tend not to agonize over decisions, rather I make the best of whichever choice I make. Life is too short to regret less than great decisions! However, I admit this is a little slapdash and perhaps I could do with being more attentive in choosing viewpoints, approaches and ways of saying things. Hmm.

Pens at the Ready! - Because we know they are mightier than the sword!

Have You Ever Deliberately Changed Your Handwriting?

Yes, I have and this is why:

Yes, I have and this is why:

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    • anonymous 3 years ago

      oh has made a big difference.

    • CrazyHomemaker 3 years ago

      Yes. Depending upon my mood. If I want to do something that I am sending to someone, I deliberately try my best. I lean to the right, most times. I do upright when I want my writing to be prettier.

    • myraggededge 4 years ago

      @AmberColleen LM: Fugitive handwriting sounds interesting. Mine has two states: 'reasonable' and 'awful' - the latter is usually reserved for shopping lists.

    • AmberColleen LM 4 years ago

      I tried to change my handwriting when I was thirteen because I couldn't read it. I have since just sort of let it morph into whatever it wants to be. Some days I like it, some days I don't. :)

    • ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

      I have tried to improve it every so often - it suffered a hopeless deterioration at college when I was note-taking at speed 9 - 5 for 5 days per week for 6 years! I can't bear to think of that terrible thing that teacher did to you - that person should not have been allowed near children.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Yes, I have changed my handwriting and I'm continuing the process - practicing 20 minutes a day minimum

    • myraggededge 6 years ago

      I changed my handwriting as a young teen when a teacher told me I had a defective personality because my writing slanted backwards. I was mortified and changed it immediately.

    Transform Your Life Through Handwriting (Book & CD) - Vimala Rodgers

    Can you change your life just by changing your handwriting? While graphologists have long known that the psyche expresses its deepest truths through the pen, Vimala Rodgers has discovered that line of communication works both ways. Her revolutionary work shows that you can "reprogram" your subconscious by making purposeful shifts in your handwriting. With Transform Your Life Through Handwriting, Rodgers presents a complete course for igniting practical, lasting changes in your life with nothing more than a pen and paper. This comprehensive training program includes:

    * Two audio sessions with guidelines for writing practice, explorations of the deeper meaning in every letter, and inspiring success stories

    * A 102-page illustrated workbook with step-by-step instructions and exercises for self-exploration through handwriting, the meaning behind different writing styles, and much more

    * Twenty-six quick reference cards for working with each letter in a 40-day cycle, including the "soul quality" of each letter

    * An 86-page blank journal for your writing practice

    Writing a single page a day for 40 days is all it takes to alter even the most ingrained handwriting patterns--and to invite profound changes to unfold in your life. Vimala Rodgers has helped thousands of people experience personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and spontaneous healing. Transform Your Life Through Handwriting is a unique, easy-to-use kit with everything you need to begin your own transformative journey.

    Transform Your Life Through Handwriting
    Transform Your Life Through Handwriting

    Reviewer D. Piziak says, "After having read the Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life! book, I decided to order this book and CD combination. Wow, I am so glad I did. Folks, this is not a handwriting improvement or a handwriting analysis program. This is a life transformation program!"


    "If you want to test the accuracy of this science, pick up your pen and find out for yourself."

    ~Vimala Rodgers~

    Day Five

    It's beginning to feel a little easier now - I haven't lapsed back into my 'old' handwriting at all. I also wrote out my Christmas cards though everyone is going to wonder what's happened - they'll think I broke my wrist or something!

    I've been working with D, C, M and E. My 40-day letter is G.

    Could it be True? - Changing Your Handwriting Can Transform Your Life?

    What do think? Does changing the way you write, change the way your life unfolds?

    See results
    Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!
    Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life!

    When we purposefully change our handwriting, we introduce attitudes that can improve our relationships, give us the impetus to achieve and take risks, and simply bring out the best in us. This is because our handwriting is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings. When we fall in love, survive a serious illness, or change careers, our view of life is dramatically altered and, as a result, our handwriting patterns change. Conversely, desired transformations can result from intentionally changing the way specific letters are written:

    * Stick to that diet by changing the letter T.

    * Avoid being overlooked for that well-deserved promotion by changing the letter G.

    * Reduce stress and cease juggling too many things at once by changing the letter S.

    * Overcome shyness or stage fright by changing the letter A.

    Included is an enlightening assessment test that identifies those personality traits requiring attention. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life profoundly reveals that the key to making dreams come true is as simple as putting pen to paper.


    Update: Months Later - I Have Changed My Handwriting.

    New handwriting
    New handwriting
    theraggededge's handwriting
    theraggededge's handwriting

    Update: 2 years later

    My handwriting has changed as you can see from the photo. It hasn't gone back to it's nasty slanty habit. So, you ask, has my life changed as a result? I have to be completely honest and say that I don't know. Of course life has changed but because of my handwriting? Difficult.

    *All my income now comes from my online writing.

    *I have more confidence

    *I say "Yes!" to new opportunities when they are offered... and they are offered quite frequently.

    *I say "No." to things that don't appeal to me.

    Would I go through the process again. Oh yes!

    Would You Change Your Handwriting to Improve Your Life?

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      • CrazyHomemaker profile image

        CrazyHomemaker 3 years ago


      • ChrisDay LM profile image

        ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

        I might.

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