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changing time

Updated on July 28, 2011

feathers that sore through out the sky
that capture the sun vibrantly in my eye
a lonely bird who wonders and flys
looking for the last meal it might
have tonight
the nestle in the bushes scared to see
there is a bear standing next to me
scratching and clawing the taste full of honey
as for this might be the last drop we may eat
the colors that change the trees ancient leaves
to dark cold musk fall seasons could bring
and heres a touch of what may come
as the last wolf in a lonely pack
scared of where to lay and rest
the cubs have grown
in the den where they reside
mother alone for she cant fit and hide
she sleeps alone under the night sky
clouds rain an orange shine
as the gods turn over a new dressed life
for all that fall in this season
comes new in spring time dew
winter may come as brutal as a storm
but spring will come knocking on the door
life will be back as it can,
as new life comes back again
now that the last leaf has fallen
snuggle tight little creatures
as there will be a cold bight


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