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Cheap Digital Reading Matter

Updated on March 16, 2014

Cheap Digital Reading Matter

Cheap Digital Reading Matter was a lens originally created to bring you a selection of great, well written and informative but Cheap Digital Reading Matter. In amongst this selection I'll even be sourcing many free Digital Reading Matter as well.

The main idea behind this is the fact that many people new to the world of Internet Marketing often fall victim to the hype created by seasoned marketers. These old pros know how to take large sums of money from the unwary for Cheap Digital Reading Matter that are often quite frankly little better, if at all, than the equally well written Digital Reading Matter that are available. 

So I'm about to carve a sharp path right through their money making highways by bringing you a much more realistic alternative in some great Digital Reading Matter that all sell for less than $10 a pop, many of them considerably less than that even!


Cheap Digital Reading Matter

14th October 2007 - Terry Didcott

Cheap Digital Reading Matter are available online in truckloads. Many of them are, let's face it, pretty useless for new Internet marketers but there are also many that are very useful and indeed every bit as informative and well written as some of the very high priced Digital Reading Matter out there.

So what are you looking for in Digital Reading Matter?

Well, first and foremost they should be relevant to the online business that you have decided to engage in.

Secondly they should be well written and informative

Thirdly, they should have value in that you can make money from what they're teaching you

After that, there isn't too much more. Which is why the Digital Reading Matter that satisfy the above three points can be found but often by a lot of trial and error.

That means a lot of time wasted in trying to source the good ones that you can learn from and sifting through all the bad ones to find them.

So here is a time saving resource that I decided to create to save you that time and wasted energy.

I'll be placing permanent links to many Digital Reading Matter right here with some information about them to make your choice even easier.

Sure, I intend to make a few dollars for my troubles as some of these Digital Reading Matter I'm hosting myself. The point is that you will get quality Digital Reading Matter for much less than you would had you been sucked into all the hype of Internet Marketers who want you to pay them often crazy prices for their Digital Reading Matter.

Would you rather spend upwards of $100 on one Digital Reading Matter or use a small portion of that money to get the same information - leaving the rest to pay for the professional hosting or auto responders that you'll need to be setting up in order to make a success of your online enterprise.

Here's to your success!

Digital Reading Matter - What to Look Out For

14th October 2007 - Terry Didcott

So what should you look out for in Digital Reading Matter, regardless of whether it's expensive or cheap?

1. Hype

Does the sales page claim that you'll make money by the truckload by doing practically nothing if you buy the book? If it does, then stay well away, because there is no such thing. To make money in the beginning you need to work hard!

2. MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Does the sales page claim that you can make money in sackfuls by cultivating a big down-line, ie lots of other people signing up under you for several levels so you make money off the backs of those below you?

Stay away, because unless you have a huge list to promote this to, you're not going to get anywhere near the number of people under you to make it pay.

3. Get Rich Quick

These are Digital Reading Matter sales pages that promise you will make several thousand dollars in a very short space of time for hardly doing any work.

This is of course a total lie, as it's impossible to make so much money when you're first starting out - it takes time and a lot of hard work on your behalf in the form of information gathering, writing content, researching keywords and profitable niches etc. You won't do all that by pressing a button and watching the money fall out of the sky!

Resale Rights

14th October 2007 - Terry Didcott

This module will look at the resale rights that come with Cheap Digital Reading Matter, whatever their price.

Often, the more expensive Cheap Digital Reading Matter will come with more rights which allow you to make more use out of your purchase, but this is not always the case.

Here's an overview of the resale right that come with Digital Reading Matter:

No Resale Rights:

This means that you can download the Digital Reading Matter and read it yourself, but you can't do anything else with it. See below:

Basic Rights:

Master Resale Rights:

Private Label Rights:

Make Money with Cheap Digital Reading Matter

When you work from home to make money as a business you'll need as much information as you can get your hands on. That's why it's important to acquire your own library of Cheap Digital Reading Matter - but only get the ones you can download for free.

If you get PLR rights with them, you can give the Digital Reading Matter away yourself from you own website to help you to build your own opt-in list, from where you can promote your own products and services as part of the process of generating an income for yourself!

Edit 1st August 2009:

The squidoo team are not allowing the promotion of Digital Reading Matter on lenses any more, so the purpose of this lens has changed. If I can't see them to you from here, I might as well tell you to stay away from Digital Reading Matter as they're nearly all a scam to get to you part with money.

That's right people: Digital Reading Matter ARE SCAMS!

They promise to show you how to make money online but you can find that out for yourself for free. So DO NOT pay anyone for a Digital Reading Matter that tells you how to make money online because you're wasting your money!

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