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Unexpected 1 and 2

Updated on May 14, 2017

Unexpected Meeting

With arms outstretched, Jeremiah Peters faced the sky in the bright sun. The sea breeze cooled his skin. He was so happy to be alive. He was giving God thanks for all the blessings and beauty around him. The waves crashing into the shore below beckoned any person to sleep. The cliff where he was standing on was for a many years a favourite of his to come and gain peace. At 19 he had the physique of a boy who regularly goes to gym every week, which is far from the truth. Jeremiah exercises any chance he gets and even goes running once the opportunity arises.
Only now as he cast his eyes from the sky to the beach below did he see someone walking. He looked more closely. It was a girl probably the same age as he was. The girl had shoulder length chestnut hair that shone in the sun. She was wearing a fade out knee length jeans and a gray vest that hugged her chest but the thing that Jeremiah was trying to figure out was what was she doing down there all alone. He decided to ask her. "Hey, Hey". He shouted trying to get her attention and waving at the same time. Jeremiah did this for five minutes until the girl decided to turn her head to face him. "Finally" he said in his mind. As soon as he got a better look at her, he realized she was wearing glasses that fitted perfectly on her chubby face.

"Oh hi". the girl said
"What are you doing alone on this beach?"
"Well mister farcey am taking a stroll, cant you see?"
"hmm, alright, am sorry to ask your business o key?"
"That's okay" She squinted her eye's at him. "But why are you here?"
"Well i come here sometimes for peace", he smiled.
"Look it's better if you meet me by the stone steps because i don’t think i can keep shouting"

With that they both took of to meet each other at the stairs. When they met, the their heights almost matched as he a was a little taller than her. And Rebecca realized that the boy she was now facing had dark hair almost brown, with arms and a chest that looked perfectly chiseled under his fitted t shirt. She wondered why on earth was he on the cliff when he should be in town hanging out with friends since he didn’t look the type to be the soul searching one. She herself like to be left alone mainly to get in touch with nature or just think. The boy before her seemed to a mystery so she decided to learn more about him.

" come here often?"
"Yeah i like the beach but mostly the sound of it, sound of it."
"So are you gonna tell me your name or do i have to call you Mystery Man". Rebecca folded her arms.
"Ha ha ha....alright my name is Jeremiah Peters and what's your?"
"Rebecca George". "I live in town, you know the coffee-house?"
"Uh yeah, why?"
"I live upstairs"."Linda George is my mom".
"Really!. I does eat there sometimes after school"
"Oh!". "You a university student because i go to USC, am a freshman".
"Okay and yes am a second year at USC to but i don't remember seeing your face around campus".
"That's because my faculty is in the back, Humanities faculty"
"Okay, well can we walk and talk because i have to get back home or my mother would worry sick".

On the way home, both Jeremiah and Rebecca found out that they love the same things like laughing at people who fell down which Rebecca said that if the same thing happened to her, she would laugh her socks of while being embarrassed. Both of them played tennis, liked similar poems, funny videos on YouTube and cooking (which Rebecca was sceptical but quickly decided that some how he needed to feed himself one way or the other). They planned to meet at the beach next Saturday.


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    • Cherese George profile image

      Cherese George 4 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago

      lol okay haha

    • melmejias profile image

      Melony 4 years ago from Trinidad

      Post some funny ones Lol