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Children of the Revolution and other books by Peter Robinson

Updated on July 7, 2016

Peter Robinson has succeeded once again in keeping me up long past my bedtime as I absorbed his latest novel, "The Children Of The Revolution". This DCI Banks novel , like the other twenty in the series demands your attention from the first page of the book when we walk with Alan Banks along a sodden, abandoned railway line to his next case.

In his latest case DCI Banks investigates the murder of a reclusive college professor. Many of the characters I have come to know over the years make a welcome appearance. DCI Annie Cabbot, Banks's former lover, reappears as a broken woman still dealing with physical and emotional scars after her near death experience. There is also Area Commander, Catherine Gervaise; Detective Sgt. Winsome Jackman; Crime Scene Manager, Stefan Nowak; Dr. Burns and Dr. Glendenning, who performs the post-mortems.

A reader who is new to this series shouldn't be put off. Although "The Children Of The Revolution" is the twenty-first book in the DCI Banks series, it can be read as stand alone story. Yes, it would help to find out a little about DCI Banks and the other characters in the books but he often gives a little background information about the characters as he relates the story. I didn’t discover Peter Robinson until the 1990’s when I worked in a Public Library and noticed the books flying off the shelf.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this book as much as I did and you will be inspired to read the other books in this brilliant series. I think you will find reading Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks detective books a reading journey well worth taking.

Yorkshire Moors

Courtesy Chris Heaton
Courtesy Chris Heaton | Source

DCI Alan Banks first appeared in Peter Robinsons novel, "Gallows View" in 1987.Alan Banks is introduced as a policeman with a young family. He is married to Sandra and has two children, Tracy and Brian. They arrive fresh from London eager to start a new life in the village of Eastvale in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Banks has had enough of the stressful life as a London policeman but finds that the Yorkshire life isn't quite as worry-free and calm as he imagined.

Peter Robinson has published a DCI Banks novel nearly every year since 1987 and his fans have grown up with him, his family, and his colleagues in crime detection. The crime/crimes is/are the main thread in each novel but we always get an insight into DCI Banks's personal life. He is the everyman who, like us, goes through the same familiar life experiences. In 'Children Of The Revolution' he is now a very mature man in his fifties who lives alone in a secluded cottage in the Yorkshire Dales listening to his music and drinking his favourite tipple.

Peter Robinson - Courtesy Wikipedia
Peter Robinson - Courtesy Wikipedia

A Short Biography Of Peter Robinson

Having spent most of my life in Canada and having studied at York University in Toronto where Peter Robinson earned his PHD in English, I always assumed that Peter Robinson was a Canadian novelist who chose to write about the mysterious Yorkshire Dales in North Yorkshire, England.

I should have realized that this in depth knowledge came from being born and spending his formative years in Yorkshire. Peter Robinson was born in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1950. He earned a BA degree in English from Leeds University and went to Canada to pursue post graduate studies under the tutelage of writer Joyce Carol Oates at the University of Windsor in Western Ontario. He received an MA and went on to earn a PHD from York University.

He was appointed Writer-In-Residence at the University Of Windsor in Ontario in the early 90s and has taught crime writing at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies in Toronto,Ontario, Canada. He now divides his time between the Beaches area of Toronto where he lives with his wife and the U.K.

York Minster
York Minster

Playlist from 'Children Of The Revolution'

Peter Robinson is a fan of many genres of music and this is reflected in the novels. It is actually a very important part of Peter Robinson's novels. Banks's taste in music is also eclectic ranging from Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Classical and it keeps him sane. Actual pieces of music are mentioned in the novel drawing us in to hear what Banks hears as we progress through the novels. The music of 'The Grateful Dead' play a significant part in this novel and, of course, the title, 'Children Of The Revolution', is also the title of the classic T.Rex song.

A fan of the DCI Banks books, only known by the name Barry, has compiled a playlist from 'Children Of The Revolution' and can be found on Peter Robinson's official website at from many of his other books compiled by other fans also appear on his site

Don't you think it would be a great experience to listen to the same music as Inspector Banks as you read the books? It would certainly add to the whole experience. I will have to try this next read.

. Here is a sample of the eclectic music listened to by Banks in 'Children Of The Revolution':

'Black Muddy Water' by Norma Waterson

'Florence Sur Les Champs-Elysees and Generique from Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud by Miles Davis

'Bloxi' by Jesse Winchester

'Nocturnes: No. 1 in B flat minor Op.9 No.1' (Chopin Nocturnes) by YUNDI

'Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am' by Rahsaan Roland Kirk from the album 'Does Your House Have Lions:...'

Inspector Banks Comes To Television

A two part pilot based on Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks novel called 'Aftermath' appeared in the Autumn of 2010 and was called, DCI Banks: Aftermath. It starred Stephen Tompkinson as DCI Alan Banks, Andrea Lowe as DS Annie Cabbot and Jack Deam as DS Den Blackstone. The pilot was so well received that ITV in Britain commissioned six episodes, with the same actors. which were aired in 2011, then a second series with Caroline Catz (Doc Martin fame) as DI Helen Morton aired in 2012. The third series consisting of six one-hour episodes was based on the books: 'Wednesday's Child', 'Piece Of My Heart' and' Bad Boy'was shown in 2013 and a fourth series is in production in the Autumn of 2014.

Left Bank Pictures and ITV have brought the books to television after receiving permission from Peter Robinson and, by all accounts, Peter Robinson is very pleased with the results and approves of the choice of actors.

Courtesy Thomas Tolkein
Courtesy Thomas Tolkein | Source

'Abattoir Blues'

As an update to this hub about Peter Robinson's 21st novel, 'Children Of The Revolution' I would like to tell you a bit about Peter Robinson's latest Inspector Banks novel called 'Abattoir Blues', the title taken from the Nick Cave album, which gives an indication that Peter Robinson is adhering to his pattern of including his musical taste into his novels.

The novel is based around two boys that go missing under unusual circumstances. It involves a burned out caravan, blood stains found in a disused World War Two hangar, a motor accident revealing a gruesome discovery and a race against time for DCI Banks and his team. 'Abattoir Blues' was released in the summer of 2014 and is already a best seller. Peter Robinson has been promoting this book this past summer by giving readings and participating in book signings at various bookshops and other venues.. I haven't had the chance to read the novel as yet but I am looking forward to reading his latest novel soon.

I'm sure we will be seeing his 23rd Inspector Banks novel in the not too distant future going by his track record, 2015 or 2016? I hope it will be sooner than later.

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North Yorkshire where most of Tim Robinson's novels take place


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