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Children's Books About Spring

Updated on February 12, 2014

The Best Children's Books About Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year. The weather gets warmer, the flowers bloom, and baby animals are everywhere. There are many great children's books about spring to help explain this beautiful season to the youngest members of your family. After all, there are so many things to learn about in the world! As the seasons change, it is a great time to teach kids about the science behind the seasons and to celebrate the beauty of it all.

You can find children's books about spring that help teach kids about counting, gardening, and Easter, or even ones that show real photographs of spring plants and animals. They feature the kinds of rhymes and illustrations that will keep kids engages. The perfect book for your curious kid is out there, and it just might be found on this list! Keep reading for some of my favorite fun children's books on spring.

Featured Image: Mouse's First Spring

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It's Spring!

Often, great children's books will have main characters who are the same age as the intended readers. This will help kids indentify with the story and understand what is going on. Seeing spring through the eyes of another child, and through illustrations, shows what the season looks and feels like as a kid.

It's Spring
It's Spring

The illustrations in this book are wonderful because of the cut-paper technique that gives them more of a three-dimensional look. You can check out a preview on Amazon to see what the pages look like and get a sense of the fun rhymes of the story.

If your child loves this book about spring, there are companion books on fall and winter as well. You can celebrate each of the seasons as they come, so your little one can connect what they see outside with the story you read them.

And Then It's Spring (Booklist Editor's Choice. Books for Youth (Awards))
And Then It's Spring (Booklist Editor's Choice. Books for Youth (Awards))

In this story, a boy and his dog are tired of the snowy winter. When spring arrives, they decide to plant a garden. There is so much hope and anticipation in the spring, and nothing shows that off more than planting a garden for the first time and waiting for your seeds to sprout.

"First you have brown," the book tells you, as you start with bare dirt for your garden. But with a little time and a little rain, the green sprouts will shoot up and spring will really arrive!


What makes a children's book great?

Bold illustrations that catch the eyes and imaginations of kids. Pictures help kids understand what is going on, even if they can't read on their own yet.

Characters that children can connect with and understand. Following another kid (or even a young animal) gives them someone they can relate to in the story.

Ideas that will help kids learn and grow. A good book should always be fun, but it can also teach them about something new at the same time.

Spring Photographs

Not every children's book about spring has to be illustrated with drawings. There are many great photography collections that are geared towards children. For a kid who is curious about science or nature, these fun books show you what spring is with beautiful images.

Animals in Spring

Mouse's First Spring
Mouse's First Spring

Mouse is out for his very first spring walk with his momma, and sees all kinds of things that he has never seen before! She teaches him about the birds and butterflies that they walk past as he enjoys all the beautiful parts of spring.

Your children can help identify the new creatures as they follow along, because of the beautiful and simple illustrations in this book.


Celebrating Easter

For many people, the biggest holiday of the spring is Easter. Whether you celebrate the holiday with strong Christian beliefs or you just enjoy an Easter egg hunt, introducing Easter to children can be tricky. There are lots of fun children's books that can show kids a little bit about this spring holiday.

Looking for Easter
Looking for Easter

This book takes an interesting approach to discussing Easter. It doesn't have a strong religious association and, although the main character is Little Bunny, it doesn't include the Easter Bunny either.

Little Bunny isn't sure what Easter is, and he sets out to find out. The different animals he meets along the way have different ideas of what Easter is, but in the end he learns that Easter is really about new life. You can pick up this book in either hardcover or paperback formats.


Counting Books

Learning your numbers is a big deal for kids! There are lots of books that focus on helping them count to ten for the first time, and you can even find spring-themed counting books to teach them about nature at the same time.

Easter Babies: A Springtime Counting Book
Easter Babies: A Springtime Counting Book

This book uses spring animals and Easter to help teach basic numbers. Each page is an illustration of farm animals and a related rhyme that focuses on a number, starting with the one newborn foal.

There are only a couple small references to Easter, so the book is also appropriate for families who don't want a strong Christian theme. It recognizes the holiday without going into too much detail. The focus is on the feeling of spring.


What's your favorite children's book about spring? - Share your thoughts and opinions here!

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      Stephen Bush 4 years ago from Ohio

      We all need to think about spring, and you have provided an excellent springboard. SquidAngel Blessings.