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Corporal Punishment

Updated on August 14, 2014

Child Teacher

Why me!
Why me!

Corporal Punishment

In eastern civilization still there is so much ignorance that many parents prefer their children to be beaten by the teachers at school; the reason being that unless they are beaten they wont take interest in studies and will not grow as a disciplined human beings. In classical civilizations of Greece, Egypt and Rome it was practiced but use of corporal punishment in todays society is a shame.

What Proponents of Corporal Punishment say?

It increase will-power of the child and in later life he/she will be able to survive through any difficulty.

They also claim that it boost physical strength of the child.

Some say that corporal punishment is crucial for maintaining discipline in the school.

Others think that corporal punishment help reform a wrong-doer.

They also say that it readily shows response as the child goes through pain he finds it better to change his/her attitude.

Proponents say that corporal punishment costs nothing to implement.

Major Effects of Corporal Punishment on Child:

If you look through all of the above mentioned justifications of corporal punishment you will see that none of them says about the child himself. All of these justification are only for the benefit of teachers and are shortcut to achieve discipline and rule in the premises.

The first disadvantage is that it lowers self-esteem of the child and he will feel ashamed in front of those who saw him got punished. With lower self-esteem he will never be able to look at the world with his/her head-high.

Corporal punishment is mere violence and teachers are not appointed in schools to spread terror and violence. They are there to upbring a child in the most positive manner. Once a child got slapped he will learn how to slap and will develop enmity for the teacher too.

In todays society where violence is every where teaching how to spread terror is down right folly.

Corporal punishment never teach the child what was wrong and why he/she got punished. It never instill into the child how to avoid inappropriate attitude. The purpose of punishment should be to teach the child that he/she was wrong in any of his behavior and should not do so again.

The child develop hatred and his/her view about the world become negative.

Some parts of the body like face is very sensitive and once beaten at those areas, the child will never forget neither forgive.

A Child's Encounter with a Teacher

Mercy and tendernes defined whom

I saw bitterness and cold in her

If she loved me less

I would have forgotten

But she had no sympathies for others too

Motherly affection I didn't demand

But at least some humanity

But no she got only vanity

Teacher she called herself in the class

A driver she was

Driving us all to hell I think

With no sense at all


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