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chivs86 Poetry - The Undeniable Truth

Updated on June 4, 2012

Chivs86 Poetry -
The Undeniable Truth.

The Undeniable truth It's fireproof
(Can't be destroyed)
Like How Can We Deny,
What We Got To Lose.

It's right in our views,
our whole environments abused,
like every car tyre that is turning
is a nuiscance.

Plastics building up,
in our landfill sites
because our Governments
can't seem to get it right.
They're more worried about
the costs to recycle,
rather than accepting that action is vital,
before it spirals...
- Out Of Control -
The O-Zone layer is growing new holes,
and the acid rain clouds
from us burning coal
are poison to our plantlife,
- Taking Their Toll -
And Oil drilling
- Is Getting Out Of Control -
It's okay till it's killing Fish, & Animals.
And Toxic, Electric, Waste is still happening,
which we might NOT! realise, but our planets SICK!

So What We Need To Do is Change,
for the future before it's too late.
We've made more than a few mistakes
so what we need to do NOW! is change

-For the Future- before it's too late,

this could be the end of the human race.

Idea & Inspiration.

My Idea/ inspiration for this poem was my thinking that the government in my country doesn't do enough. My plan was to write a well thought letter to my local council, with the aim to sort the local recycling problem out, but in my belief it wouldn't have worked, so I wrote this poem out of angst, and anger. My other inspiration was the below video.


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