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chivs86 poetry Wear Wool (f)

Updated on May 13, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry -
Wear Wool (F)

I wear wool.
Sheep clothing,

and this is how people know me.

Though i'm not saying
that i'm one big, BIG phony

Only that there is
something else...

underneath of this nice, kind man
like Oh! man - what big teeth you have.

All the better to eat you with,
Big & Bad.
The type that i'll blow -
B-b-blow your house down.

because i transform -
to something so mean, and vicious

with great big eyes
that'll widen in the night.

All the better to see you with
in my sight

As i bark at the moon, in the dark blue sky.

Because this!
It's what i got to hide;

These big, long claws

'underneath this sheeps hyde'

sticking out of my paws,

this great big nose,
and your grandmothers clothes.

Which i find - when i get home
I've been wearing

since i woke up down the road.

Inside the hedges - freezing cold
like how i got there ?

I just don't know.

Just only that the other day
things were cool.

See what i mean by -

I Wear Wool!

Idea and Inspiration

My inspiration for this poem was the folk lore of the were wolf. The stories of little red riding hood, and the three little pigs. As well as the phrase:

Matthew 7:15:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

My inspiration... Well it was actually an event that took place. Basically last week I woke up outside in a park freezing cold. I had had way more than i can handle to drink, and in all honesty - when i woke up - i couldn't really remember how i got there.

So i mean it kind of reminded me of the werewolf stories - where the man/ woman wakes up, in a random place, with his/ her clothes torn, and little memory of what just happened.

and in truth - this wasn't an isolated incident. It's happened a few times now, but only this time have i reflected on this beast within theory (similar to my aka Mr Hyde poem) that when i drink i turn into a monster.


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