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Chivs86 Poetry - Please Be Quiet!

Updated on March 6, 2014

Chivs86 Poetry - Be quiet please

This is my brain,
my high functioning brain
that finds it hard to concentrate.
The same brain
that can't confront you to your face
because my mind is already on other things.

This brain...
the one that can't contain
all the cargo on my thought train -
ain't large enough so
what more can i say
please understand this
take your time -
...To question me!
Let me answer! -
before you start to ask another.
Let me answer!
Let me finish... -
the thing that I was about to do last.
Understand me!
Let me be!
Leave me to carry out my regime.

My regime

Let me sort out -
what's on my mind
before you throw me -
another line.


i'll try to explain
what the process is of my brain.

not on your wave length
another level! -
which i describe as
heavy metal
like a head ache
that I control.

Completing tasks
which are only some of many
of so many there
and It's not a pretty penny.

Almost never ending...
This compulsive
echoes of my tension
limitless potential...

Like a pencilist
that i cant put down his pencil.
Having everything in orders ESSENTIAL!...

but i know this about my POTENTIAL
don't know what else
would really make sense
other than this
which is keeping me busy
the same thing which is keeping me ticking -
over and on my feet alive and kicking.
better I suppose than feeling dull.
So please
try and leave my alone
Sometimes I need this time to think...

TO function,
so don't get into my junction
disturbing Me!
Be quiet please!

Idea & Inspiration

For this poem it was always something I really wanted to try, and explain. How I feel. How i should describe myself. Who I am, and what life is like for me with a high functioning brain disorder.

I wrote this out of angst if I must be honest. My anger at people not being able to understand my condition, and not being able to confront them about it.

Strange as it is I really feel that this is my closest guarded secret. The inner workings of somebody who has to live with 24/7, all year round - a kind of madness. The thing what wakes me up in the morning and doesn't always get me to sleep at night. This poem is about my feelings that I've kept bolted up inside for so very long, and my aim publishing this is to try and give people that small bit of insight into how my mind really works.


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