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Chris Wolker has survived the »mouth of hell«

Updated on July 20, 2013

He should know: companion about »modern magicians« and mental dangers of gambling addiction

Character weakness gambling addiction. The »substance independent addiction« is furthermore doubted as disease. Chris Wolker explains gambling addiction from the view of an affected person from the »mouth of hell« and emboldens to overcome the »black hole«.

There is a dark figure of gambling addicts who suffer anonym and destroy for years themselves and their environment. The pain of relatives, loved ones and friends is rightly called in English »computer widow« (not only for wives). Chris Wolker wrote down in a companion his decline into the »black hole« and the overcoming of the »hell disease«.

© schemmi / - playing child, often the beginning of a gambled away life
© schemmi / - playing child, often the beginning of a gambled away life

His entry into the gambling fascination and the fatale development of addiction

Chris Wolker was very young when he discovered his fascination with virtual games.

The highly intelligent boy developed first games himself. In his age of 11 years, he presented his first invention and so the base for a career over decades as game designer and gambling addict. Crazy? Indeed it is. He succumbed exactly to the elements of each virtual game, which make from an amusement a life destructing disease for more and more people all over the world.

In his companion, other concerned people learn to know truths about gambling addiction, which cannot be captured by outsiders. Already the prologue depresses. Chris Wolker became ill with all addictives at all of the more than 700 games he developed himself. Is he an exception? A special weak nature? No way. First still unconsciously, he worked with exactly these tricks, used by the gaming industry in order to transform games into irresistible »addiction substances«. When he became aware his desolate mental state, he had destroyed his private life completely.

Hear and see and read - and judge for yourself: Are you addicted? - Know you someone who could be?

If it is so - please help him to survive and to overcome it!

© Bärbel Jost / - gambling addiction (offline)
© Bärbel Jost / - gambling addiction (offline)

Social consequences and the deepening of his doom loop

Addiction is a search and an escape

In more cases, pc-gambler meet never the point to recognize that they are »dairy cattles« and what they are running away. »Addiction is a search« they say, but it is as well also an escape. Every gambler recognizes with advanced »addiction career« between his apathic-distant states, during his hunt for the next »high« the financial, mental and physical chaos caused by him. Despair is hunting him still stronger to the console or the networked gambler-team - »only not look there, it is anyway futile. «

The exception Chris Wolker faced up his destroyed reality and studied exactly the phenomenon of his own gambling addiction disease. At this point, he had nothing more to lose than his present and future life. From today's sure distance, his description of the addiction causes, triggers and the tricks of the gaming industry reads really shocking. It is damned simple to lure people into the hell of addiction! Once prisoned, common sense could fail under circumstances for ever.

Companions against gambling addiction in different kinds - In both cases the content is also telling about the own addiction experience

© Karl-Heinz Laube / - in the vortex of gambling addiction
© Karl-Heinz Laube / - in the vortex of gambling addiction

Rage about the »Crux of the matter« is often the start for a rescue

Rage is a very heavy emotion, similar as love.

The virtual hunt of gambling addicts is for heavy emotions. For that reason, Chris Wolker provokes from Chapter five with truths which unmask the »magicians of our time« as profit sharks and the gambler as »profitable soul purchase«. The following self-analysis can show also the environment, how serious the addict is already ill. No matter how: it is possible to overcome it.

Psychotherapy or a behavior therapy can temporally influence the addict behavior. But often it succeeds not durable to fill the empty which yawns larger and larger while a gambling addiction career. Since the addiction leaves in each case a mental ruin in concerned people, there is no use at all with »compulsory cure«. Only the own will can bring each affected far enough away of the »black hole gambling addiction«.

© Lupo / - is this the end? No, there are waiting a lot of victories in real life
© Lupo / - is this the end? No, there are waiting a lot of victories in real life

The life after the gambling addiction

It is possible!

In the last chapters of his companion »gambling addiction with PC-/console- and online games« makes Chris Wolker also a surprising social bilance. NOT Games let violence proliferate. However, in the anonym gambling addiction with the high global dark figure is violence potential. Surely also therapists and pedagogues can win new knowledges from the companion. The German print version is more often bought by relatives and loved ones than by gamblers themselves. But the written critiques speak volumes: It works!

Chris Wolker writes drastic, relentless and practical. The font of the book is designed striking, similar as in a game. So, the »addiction demon« in the gambler gets what he desires: One »high« by one. But one of the uncomfortable kind, truths in capitals. The author does not sitting far away of a »therapist's throne«. That has already often helped to cause a behavior change at concerned persons, even such which seemed resistant against all suasion or » compulsory treatment«. »One as we« has this all experienced - and knows that it is possible to continue to live after the »black hole«.

My translation experience was a further victory in life - We are insiders

© Christian Steiner / - we are real winners in real life!
© Christian Steiner / - we are real winners in real life!

When we came in contact, I told the publisher Ryan Elbwood of my own addiction career with slot machines in the 1990th years. We both talk a lot about our former hell. We know all causes, triggers, consequences, we know each hour in the »black hole« and the bitter way back into a normal life. Now we are fighting together against gambling addiction. I think he would agree: When there is only one man or woman somewhere in the world who can overcome his gambling addiction with this written support by an insider, than had all work, all pain finally a deeper meaning.

And my own conclusion: To be addicted is far easier than the normal life. But to play the »game of life« with the same effort as a game in the virtual world, this makes endless proud and happy. Chris Wolker (alias Ryan Elbwood) has transformed his weakness into a talent: Today he can live from selling books. And me? See my avatar - Cosplay, translations, own books and support for other authors are my new »game of life«. Yes, the person behind Gimba-i-Gilbir was in the »black hole« and has survived and is a winner, a real, permanent winner in life.

It will help others to overcome the gambling addiction or to help their relatives / loved ones to understand the mental changes.

We look forward for your comments! - If you made your own experience with this companion, please let us know!

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